Daily Ranking - 2013-05-14

# Downloads Name Description
1 317 way/generators Rapidly generate resources, migrations, models, and much more.
2 115 cartalyst/sentry PHP 5.3+ Fully-featured Authentication & Authorization System
3 79 laravelbook/ardent Self-validating smart models for Laravel 5's Eloquent ORM
4 71 zizaco/entrust This package provides a flexible way to add Role-based Permissions to Laravel
5 64 barryvdh/laravel-ide-helper Laravel IDE Helper, generates correct PHPDocs for all Facade classes, to improve auto-completion.
6 60 anahkiasen/underscore-php A redacted port of Underscore.js for PHP
7 54 zizaco/confide Confide is an authentication solution for Laravel 4
8 50 loic-sharma/profiler A PHP 5.3 profiler based off of Laravel 3's Anbu.
9 47 orchestra/support Support Component for Orchestra Platform
10 44 anahkiasen/former A powerful form builder
11 36 intervention/image Image handling and manipulation library with support for Laravel integration
12 35 robclancy/presenter Decorate your objects using presenters. Primarily to keep presentation logic out of your models.
13 30 aws/aws-sdk-php-laravel A simple Laravel 5/6/7/8/9 service provider for including the AWS SDK for PHP.
14 26 patricktalmadge/bootstrapper Twitter Bootstrap markup generator
15 24 orchestra/html HTML Component for Orchestra Platform
16 24 rcrowe/twigbridge Adds the power of Twig to Laravel
17 21 zizaco/factory-muff The goal of this package is to enable the rapid creation of objects for the purpose of testing.
18 19 orchestra/memory Memory Component for Orchestra Platform
19 19 orchestra/auth Auth Component for Orchestra Platform
20 11 orchestra/asset Asset Component for Orchestra Platform
21 10 orchestra/foundation Orchestra Platform Foundation
22 5 payum/payum One million downloads of Payum already! Payum offers everything you need to work with payments. Friendly for all PHP frameworks (Symfony, Laravel, Zend, Yii, Silex). Check more visiting site.
23 5 intouch/laravel-newrelic Laravel 5 NewRelic Integration
24 5 teepluss/theme Theme will help you organize your themes inside Laravel projects easily and maintain its related assets, layouts and partials for the theme in single directory.
25 5 davejamesmiller/laravel-breadcrumbs A simple Laravel-style way to create breadcrumbs.
26 4 jasonlewis/resource-watcher Simple PHP resource watcher library.
27 3 teepluss/api Laravel 4 Internal Request (HMVC)
28 3 edvinaskrucas/notification Package for Laravel for helping to manage flash / instant notifications / messages.
29 3 greggilbert/recaptcha reCAPTCHA Validator for Laravel 5
30 3 intervention/imagecache Caching extension for the Intervention Image Class
31 2 barryvdh/laravel-vendor-cleanup A vendor cleanup package, to remove tests and documentation to save space
32 2 vespakoen/menu Managing menus the easy way.
33 2 bllim/datatables Server-side handler of DataTables Jquery Plugin for Laravel 4
34 2 baum/baum Baum is an implementation of the Nested Set pattern for Eloquent models.
35 2 venturecraft/revisionable Keep a revision history for your models without thinking, created as a package for use with Laravel
36 1 machuga/authority-l4 A simple and flexible authorization system for PHP
37 1 barryvdh/laravel-migration-generator Generate migrations based on existing database
38 1 jenssegers/mongodb A MongoDB based Eloquent model and Query builder for Laravel (Moloquent)
39 0 vtalbot/markdown Markdown compiler for Laravel 5
40 0 robbrazier/piwik Piwik Package for Laravel
41 0 intervention/httpauth HTTP Authentication Management for PHP
42 0 intervention/validation Additional validation rules for the Laravel framework
43 0 toin0u/geotools-laravel Geo-related tools PHP library for Laravel 4 & 5
44 0 jenssegers/date A date library to help you work with dates in different languages