Daily Ranking - 2022-01-13

# Downloads Name Description
1 83,441 intervention/image Image handling and manipulation library with support for Laravel integration
2 57,775 maatwebsite/excel Supercharged Excel exports and imports in Laravel
3 53,364 barryvdh/laravel-ide-helper Laravel IDE Helper, generates correct PHPDocs for all Facade classes, to improve auto-completion.
4 48,619 barryvdh/laravel-debugbar PHP Debugbar integration for Laravel
5 46,618 sentry/sentry-laravel Laravel SDK for Sentry (https://sentry.io)
6 32,128 barryvdh/laravel-dompdf A DOMPDF Wrapper for Laravel
7 31,894 spatie/laravel-permission Permission handling for Laravel 6.0 and up
8 28,236 jenssegers/agent Desktop/mobile user agent parser with support for Laravel, based on Mobiledetect
9 23,777 pragmarx/google2fa A One Time Password Authentication package, compatible with Google Authenticator.
10 23,114 tymon/jwt-auth JSON Web Token Authentication for Laravel and Lumen
11 20,621 orchestra/testbench-core Testing Helper for Laravel Development
12 18,885 orchestra/testbench Laravel Testing Helper for Packages Development
13 15,217 spatie/laravel-activitylog A very simple activity logger to monitor the users of your website or application
14 14,662 bugsnag/bugsnag-laravel Official Bugsnag notifier for Laravel applications.
15 14,456 aws/aws-sdk-php-laravel A simple Laravel 5/6/7/8 service provider for including the AWS SDK for PHP.
16 14,283 tightenco/collect Collect - Illuminate Collections as a separate package.
17 13,984 spatie/laravel-medialibrary Associate files with Eloquent models
18 13,611 yajra/laravel-datatables-oracle jQuery DataTables API for Laravel 5|6|7|8|9
19 13,597 propaganistas/laravel-phone Adds phone number functionality to Laravel based on Google's libphonenumber API.
20 12,450 darkaonline/l5-swagger OpenApi or Swagger integration to Laravel
21 11,971 socialiteproviders/manager Easily add new or override built-in providers in Laravel Socialite.
22 10,649 tightenco/ziggy Generates a Blade directive exporting all of your named Laravel routes. Also provides a nice route() helper function in JavaScript.
23 10,169 itsgoingd/clockwork php dev tools in your browser
24 9,995 barryvdh/laravel-cors Adds CORS (Cross-Origin Resource Sharing) headers support in your Laravel application
25 9,948 graham-campbell/manager Manager Provides Some Manager Functionality For Laravel
26 9,895 barryvdh/laravel-snappy Snappy PDF/Image for Laravel
27 9,725 spatie/browsershot Convert a webpage to an image or pdf using headless Chrome
28 8,978 bensampo/laravel-enum Simple, extensible and powerful enumeration implementation for Laravel.
29 8,895 simplesoftwareio/simple-qrcode Simple QrCode is a QR code generator made for Laravel.
30 8,452 spatie/eloquent-sortable Sortable behaviour for eloquent models
31 7,166 spatie/laravel-fractal An easy to use Fractal integration for Laravel applications
32 7,113 inertiajs/inertia-laravel The Laravel adapter for Inertia.js.
33 6,704 nuwave/lighthouse A framework for serving GraphQL from Laravel
34 6,695 jenssegers/mongodb A MongoDB based Eloquent model and Query builder for Laravel (Moloquent)
35 6,454 lab404/laravel-impersonate Laravel Impersonate is a plugin that allows to you to authenticate as your users.
36 6,403 kreait/laravel-firebase A Laravel package for the Firebase PHP Admin SDK
37 6,230 kalnoy/nestedset Nested Set Model for Laravel 5.7 and up
38 6,038 vinkla/hashids A Hashids bridge for Laravel
39 5,862 cviebrock/eloquent-sluggable Easy creation of slugs for your Eloquent models in Laravel
40 5,527 milon/barcode Barcode generator like Qr Code, PDF417, C39, C39+, C39E, C39E+, C93, S25, S25+, I25, I25+, C128, C128A, C128B, C128C, 2-Digits UPC-Based Extention, 5-Digits UPC-Based Extention, EAN 8, EAN 13, UPC-A, UPC-E, MSI (Variation of Plessey code)
41 5,480 pragmarx/google2fa-laravel A One Time Password Authentication package, compatible with Google Authenticator.
42 5,466 torann/geoip Support for multiple GeoIP services.
43 5,286 prettus/l5-repository Laravel 5|6|7|8 - Repositories to the database layer
44 5,272 maknz/slack A simple PHP package for sending messages to Slack, with a focus on ease of use and elegant syntax.
45 5,270 arcanedev/support ARCANEDEV Support Helpers
46 5,243 prettus/laravel-validation Laravel Validation Service
47 5,010 laracasts/utilities Transform your PHP to JavaScript
48 4,755 mcamara/laravel-localization Easy localization for Laravel
49 4,734 mll-lab/laravel-graphql-playground Easily integrate GraphQL Playground into your Laravel project
50 4,709 intervention/imagecache Caching extension for the Intervention Image Class
51 4,697 awobaz/compoships Laravel relationships with support for composite/multiple keys
52 4,657 pestphp/pest-plugin-laravel The Pest Laravel Plugin
53 4,585 beyondcode/laravel-websockets An easy to launch a Pusher-compatible WebSockets server for Laravel.
54 4,467 jenssegers/date A date library to help you work with dates in different languages
55 4,457 diglactic/laravel-breadcrumbs A simple Laravel-style way to create breadcrumbs.
56 4,438 algolia/scout-extended Scout Extended extends Laravel Scout adding algolia-specific features
57 4,379 dingo/api A RESTful API package for the Laravel and Lumen frameworks.
58 4,325 anhskohbo/no-captcha No CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA For Laravel.
59 4,300 dingo/blueprint API Blueprint documentation generator.
60 4,194 intervention/httpauth HTTP authentication (Basic & Digest) including ServiceProviders for easy Laravel integration
61 4,106 yajra/laravel-datatables-html Laravel DataTables HTML builder plugin for Laravel 5.4+.
62 4,091 titasgailius/search-relations A Laravel Nova tool.
63 4,062 hisorange/browser-detect Browser & Mobile detection package for Laravel.
64 4,031 nwidart/laravel-modules Laravel Module management
65 3,969 yajra/laravel-datatables-buttons Laravel DataTables Buttons Plugin.
66 3,954 rebing/graphql-laravel Laravel wrapper for PHP GraphQL
67 3,936 s-ichikawa/laravel-sendgrid-driver This library adds a 'sendgrid' mail driver to Laravel.
68 3,906 arcanedev/log-viewer Provides a Log Viewer for Laravel
69 3,873 astrotomic/laravel-translatable A Laravel package for multilingual models
70 3,852 rollbar/rollbar-laravel Rollbar error monitoring integration for Laravel projects
71 3,816 laravel-lang/lang Languages for Laravel
72 3,794 blade-ui-kit/blade-icons A package to easily make use of icons in your Laravel Blade views.
73 3,760 knuckleswtf/scribe Generate API documentation for humans from your Laravel codebase.✍
74 3,725 optimistdigital/nova-translations-loader This Laravel Nova package helps developers load translations into their packages.
75 3,692 orangehill/iseed Generate a new Laravel database seed file based on data from the existing database table.
76 3,688 league/factory-muffin The goal of this package is to enable the rapid creation of objects for the purpose of testing.
77 3,512 creativeorange/gravatar A Laravel Gravatar package for retrieving gravatar image URLs or checking the existance of an image.
78 3,471 php-flasher/flasher A powerful and flexible flash notifications system for PHP
79 3,443 php-flasher/flasher-laravel Laravel package integrating PHP Flasher into Laravel applications
80 3,415 epartment/nova-dependency-container A Laravel Nova field container allowing to depend on other fields values
81 3,407 dusterio/laravel-aws-worker Run Laravel (or Lumen) tasks and queue listeners inside of AWS Elastic Beanstalk workers
82 3,394 laracasts/generators Advanced Laravel generators, that include schema information.
83 3,392 spatie/laravel-enum Laravel Enum support
84 3,386 intervention/validation Additional validation rules for the Laravel framework
85 3,382 spatie/laravel-analytics A Laravel package to retrieve Google Analytics data.
86 3,326 spatie/laravel-newsletter Manage newsletters in Laravel
87 3,300 maatwebsite/laravel-nova-excel Supercharged Excel exports for Laravel Nova Resources
88 3,280 tucker-eric/eloquentfilter An Eloquent way to filter Eloquent Models
89 3,214 php-flasher/flasher-toastr PHP Flasher adapter for Toastr
90 3,212 rap2hpoutre/fast-excel Fast Excel import/export for Laravel
91 3,210 venturecraft/revisionable Keep a revision history for your models without thinking, created as a package for use with Laravel
92 3,189 pragmarx/ia-str Laravel Illuminate Agnostic Str
93 3,171 php-flasher/flasher-sweet-alert PHP Flasher adapter for Sweet Alert 2
94 3,157 php-flasher/flasher-notyf PHP Flasher adapter for Notyf
95 3,154 socialiteproviders/apple Apple OAuth2 Provider for Laravel Socialite
96 3,153 php-flasher/flasher-pnotify PHP Flasher adapter for Pnotify
97 3,147 pragmarx/ia-arr Laravel Illuminate Agnostic Arr
98 3,147 php-flasher/flasher-cli PHP Flasher adapter for Cli Console Terminal
99 3,144 php-flasher/flasher-noty PHP Flasher adapter for Noty
100 3,116 pragmarx/ia-collection Laravel Illuminate Agnostic Collection
101 3,114 pragmarx/countries PHP Countries and Currencies
102 3,112 pragmarx/coollection Laravel Illuminate collection with objectified properties
103 3,047 staudenmeir/belongs-to-through Laravel Eloquent BelongsToThrough relationships
104 3,020 spatie/laravel-signal-aware-command Handle signals in artisan commands
105 2,893 santigarcor/laratrust This package provides a flexible way to add Role-based Permissions to Laravel
106 2,884 rinvex/countries Rinvex Countries is a simple and lightweight package for retrieving country details with flexibility. A whole bunch of data including name, demonym, capital, iso codes, dialling codes, geo data, currencies, flags, emoji, and other attributes for all 250 countries worldwide at your fingertips.
107 2,851 graham-campbell/markdown Markdown Is A CommonMark Wrapper For Laravel
108 2,838 yajra/laravel-datatables-fractal Laravel DataTables Fractal Plugin.
109 2,807 laravel-notification-channels/twilio Provides Twilio notification channel for Laravel
110 2,782 davejamesmiller/laravel-breadcrumbs A simple Laravel-style way to create breadcrumbs.
111 2,735 therobfonz/laravel-mandrill-driver Mandrill Driver for Laravel 7+
112 2,693 codeitnowin/barcode Barcode & Qr Code generator library by http://www.codeitnow.in. You can use it with Custom PHP application or any PHP Framework such as Laravel, Cakephp, Yii, Codeigneter etc.
113 2,664 laravelium/sitemap Laravelium Sitemap package for Laravel.
114 2,657 berkayk/onesignal-laravel OneSignal Push Wrapper Laravel
115 2,626 jenssegers/model An Laravel eloquent-like model class, for Laravel and other frameworks
116 2,614 artesaos/seotools SEO Tools for Laravel and Lumen
117 2,598 yajra/laravel-datatables-editor Laravel DataTables Editor plugin for Laravel 5.5+.
118 2,560 toin0u/geocoder-laravel Geocoder Service Provider for Laravel
119 2,489 spatie/laravel-csp Add CSP headers to the responses of a Laravel app
120 2,414 kitloong/laravel-migrations-generator Generates Laravel Migrations from an existing database
121 2,405 optimistdigital/nova-multiselect-field A multiple select field for Laravel Nova.
122 2,378 babenkoivan/elastic-client The official PHP Elasticsearch client integrated with Laravel
123 2,357 babenkoivan/scout-elasticsearch-driver The Elasticsearch Driver for Laravel Scout
124 2,348 yajra/laravel-datatables Laravel DataTables Complete Package.
125 2,337 pragmarx/yaml Load your Laravel config files using yaml
126 2,334 ixudra/curl Custom PHP Curl library for the Laravel framework - developed by Ixudra
127 2,325 omniphx/forrest A Laravel library for Salesforce
128 2,317 biscolab/laravel-recaptcha Simple and painless Google reCAPTCHA package for Laravel framework
129 2,308 aacotroneo/laravel-saml2 A Laravel package for Saml2 integration as a SP (service provider) for multiple IdPs, based on OneLogin toolkit which is much more lightweight than simplesamlphp.
130 2,273 babenkoivan/elastic-scout-driver Elasticsearch driver for Laravel Scout
131 2,196 stevebauman/location Retrieve a users location by their IP Address
132 2,191 eminiarts/nova-tabs Laravel Nova - Tabs.
133 2,169 anahkiasen/underscore-php A redacted port of Underscore.js for PHP
134 2,168 watson/rememberable Query caching for Laravel
135 2,166 jeroennoten/laravel-adminlte Easy AdminLTE integration with Laravel
136 2,159 lorisleiva/laravel-actions Laravel components that take care of one specific task
137 2,150 monarobase/country-list List of all countries with names and ISO 3166-1 codes in all languages and data formats for Laravel
138 2,142 fico7489/laravel-pivot This package introduces new eloquent events for sync(), attach(), detach() or updateExistingPivot() methods on BelongsToMany relation.
139 2,138 spatie/laravel-responsecache Speed up a Laravel application by caching the entire response
140 2,128 appstract/laravel-opcache PHP OPcache Artisan commands for Laravel.
141 2,084 laravel-doctrine/orm A Doctrine ORM bridge for Laravel 5
142 2,080 pbmedia/laravel-ffmpeg FFMpeg for Laravel
143 2,080 auth0/login Auth0 Laravel SDK. Straight-forward and tested methods for implementing authentication, and accessing Auth0's Management API endpoints.
144 2,036 vyuldashev/nova-permission A Laravel Nova tool for Spatie's Permission library.
145 2,034 shiftonelabs/laravel-sqs-fifo-queue Adds a Laravel queue driver for Amazon SQS FIFO queues.
146 2,003 optimistdigital/nova-sortable This Laravel Nova package allows you to reorder models in a Nova resource's index view using drag & drop.
147 1,962 cmgmyr/messenger Simple user messaging tool for Laravel
148 1,952 fedeisas/laravel-mail-css-inliner Inline the CSS of your HTML emails using Laravel
149 1,943 felixkiss/uniquewith-validator Custom Laravel Validator for combined unique indexes
150 1,935 spatie/geocoder Geocoding addresses to coordinates
151 1,925 kabbouchi/nova-impersonate A Laravel Nova field allows you to authenticate as your users.
152 1,924 artisaninweb/laravel-soap A SoapClient wrapper integration for Laravel
153 1,904 bepsvpt/secure-headers Add security related headers to HTTP response. The package includes Service Providers for easy Laravel integration.
154 1,893 ebess/advanced-nova-media-library Laravel Nova tools for managing the Spatie media library.
155 1,863 cviebrock/laravel-elasticsearch An easy way to use the official PHP ElasticSearch client in your Laravel applications.
156 1,838 blade-ui-kit/blade-heroicons A package to easily make use of Heroicons in your Laravel Blade views.
157 1,818 imtigger/laravel-job-status Laravel Job Status
158 1,817 timacdonald/log-fake A drop in fake logger for testing with the Laravel framework.
159 1,811 mollie/laravel-mollie Mollie API client wrapper for Laravel & Mollie Connect provider for Laravel Socialite
160 1,810 gregoriohc/laravel-nova-theme-responsive A Laravel Nova responsive theme.
161 1,808 pulkitjalan/google-apiclient Google api php client wrapper with Cloud Platform and Laravel support
162 1,798 rcrowe/twigbridge Adds the power of Twig to Laravel
163 1,797 hieu-le/active The helper class for Laravel applications to get active class base on current route
164 1,756 dusterio/laravel-plain-sqs Custom SQS connector for Laravel that supports custom format JSON
165 1,755 baopham/dynamodb Eloquent syntax for DynamoDB
166 1,741 laravolt/avatar Turn name, email, and any other string into initial-based avatar or gravatar.
167 1,736 socialiteproviders/google Google OAuth2 Provider for Laravel Socialite
168 1,724 encore/laravel-admin laravel admin
169 1,696 axlon/laravel-postal-code-validation Worldwide postal code validation for Laravel and Lumen
170 1,679 babenkoivan/elastic-scout-driver-plus Extension for Elastic Scout Driver
171 1,650 arrilot/laravel-widgets A powerful alternative to view composers. Asynchronous widgets, reloadable widgets, console generator, caching - everything you can think of.
172 1,640 mariuzzo/laravel-js-localization Laravel Localization in JavaScript
173 1,638 laravel-notification-channels/telegram Telegram Notifications Channel for Laravel
174 1,626 barryvdh/laravel-translation-manager Manage Laravel Translations
175 1,623 watson/active Laravel helper for recognising the current route, controller and action
176 1,614 stancl/tenancy Automatic multi-tenancy for your Laravel application.
177 1,606 mpociot/laravel-apidoc-generator Generate beautiful API documentation from your Laravel application
178 1,605 darkaonline/swagger-lume Swagger integration to Lumen 5
179 1,590 whitecube/nova-flexible-content Flexible Content & Repeater Fields for Laravel Nova.
180 1,589 irazasyed/telegram-bot-sdk The Unofficial Telegram Bot API PHP SDK
181 1,573 watson/validating Eloquent model validating trait.
182 1,565 stevebauman/purify An HTML Purifier / Sanitizer for Laravel
183 1,563 teamtnt/laravel-scout-tntsearch-driver Driver for Laravel Scout search package based on https://github.com/teamtnt/tntsearch
184 1,561 cknow/laravel-money Laravel Money
185 1,558 php-flasher/flasher-toastr-laravel PHP Flasher Laravel adapter for Toastr
186 1,546 matthewbdaly/laravel-azure-storage Microsoft Azure Blob Storage integration for Laravel's Storage API
187 1,546 hedii/laravel-gelf-logger A Laravel package to send logs to a gelf compatible backend like graylog
188 1,546 chumper/zipper This is a little neat helper for the ZipArchive methods with handy functions
189 1,544 php-flasher/flasher-sweet-alert-laravel PHP Flasher Laravel adapter for Sweet Alert 2
190 1,536 alek13/slack A simple PHP package (fork of maknz/slack) for sending messages to Slack, with a focus on ease of use and elegant syntax.
191 1,528 php-flasher/flasher-notyf-laravel PHP Flasher Laravel adapter for Notyf
192 1,526 php-flasher/flasher-pnotify-laravel PHP Flasher Laravel adapter for Pnotify
193 1,515 php-flasher/flasher-noty-laravel PHP Flasher Laravel adapter for Noty
194 1,515 php-flasher/flasher-cli-laravel PHP Flasher Laravel adapter for Cli
195 1,499 infyomlabs/laravel-generator InfyOm Laravel Generator
196 1,498 htmlmin/htmlmin HTMLMin Is A Simple HTML Minifier For Laravel 5
197 1,483 unisharp/laravel-filemanager A file upload/editor intended for use with Laravel 5 to 6 and CKEditor / TinyMCE
198 1,483 spatie/laravel-web-tinker Artisan Tinker in your browser
199 1,465 aloha/twilio Twilio API for Laravel
200 1,449 dyrynda/laravel-model-uuid This package allows you to easily work with UUIDs in your Laravel models.
201 1,431 webklex/laravel-imap Laravel IMAP client
202 1,430 timothyasp/nova-color-field A Laravel Nova Color Picker field.
203 1,429 bosnadev/database Eloquent Extended, added some PostgreSQL features
204 1,418 cartalyst/stripe A comprehensive Stripe API package.
205 1,405 spatie/laravel-feed Generate rss feeds
206 1,397 revolution/laravel-google-sheets Google Sheets API v4
207 1,375 flynsarmy/csv-seeder Allows seeding of the database with CSV files
208 1,371 niklasravnsborg/laravel-pdf Generate PDFs in Laravel with this mPDF wrapper.
209 1,370 zanysoft/laravel-zip laravel-zip is the world's leading zip utility for file compression and backup.
210 1,367 spatie/nova-tags-field A tags field for Nova apps
211 1,363 enlightn/enlightn Enlightn - Your performance & security consultant, an artisan command away.
212 1,360 elibyy/tcpdf-laravel tcpdf support for Laravel 6, 7, 8
213 1,322 webpatser/laravel-countries Laravel Countries is a bundle for Laravel, providing Almost ISO 3166_2, 3166_3, currency, Capital and more for all countries.
214 1,311 brozot/laravel-fcm Laravel / Lumen package for Firebase Cloud Messaging
215 1,306 rtconner/laravel-tagging Use PHP traits to extend Laravel Eloquent Models to allow Tags. Models can be marked as Taggable.
216 1,305 nunomaduro/laravel-console-task Laravel Console Task is a output method for your Laravel/Laravel Zero commands.
217 1,279 pragmarx/version Take control over your Laravel app version
218 1,274 babenkoivan/elastic-migrations Elasticsearch migrations for Laravel
219 1,269 binarytorch/larecipe Generate gorgeous recipes for your Laravel applications using MarkDown
220 1,258 dillingham/nova-attach-many Attach Many Nova field
221 1,239 silber/bouncer Eloquent roles and abilities.
222 1,234 matriphe/iso-639 PHP library to convert ISO-639-1 code to language name.
224 1,225 optimistdigital/nova-tailwind Tailwind loader for Laravel Nova.
225 1,221 graham-campbell/github GitHub Is A GitHub Bridge For Laravel
226 1,216 lorisleiva/lody Load files and classes as lazy collections in Laravel.
227 1,216 laracasts/presenter Simple view presenters
228 1,206 rennokki/laravel-eloquent-query-cache Adding cache on your Laravel Eloquent queries' results is now a breeze.
229 1,188 matt-allan/laravel-code-style Code formatting for Laravel projects
230 1,167 nexylan/slack A simple PHP package for sending messages to Slack, with a focus on ease of use and elegant syntax.
231 1,167 laravel-doctrine/extensions Doctrine extensions for Doctrine 2 and Laravel
232 1,159 socialiteproviders/microsoft-azure Microsoft Azure OAuth2 Provider for Laravel Socialite
233 1,159 jaybizzle/laravel-crawler-detect A Laravel package to detect web crawlers via the user agent
234 1,156 zizaco/entrust This package provides a flexible way to add Role-based Permissions to Laravel
235 1,149 daltcore/lara-pdf-merger -
236 1,148 edujugon/push-notification Laravel Package to send push notifications to Android and IOS devices. (GCM,FCM,APN)
237 1,142 cartalyst/support Support helpers.
238 1,140 pragmarx/countries-laravel Countries for Laravel
239 1,139 cartalyst/stripe-laravel Laravel 8 integration for the Cartalyst Stripe package.
240 1,137 olssonm/l5-very-basic-auth Stateless HTTP basic auth without the need for a database. For Laravel 5
241 1,135 spatie/laravel-googletagmanager Google Tag Manager integration for Laravel
242 1,130 laravel-doctrine/migrations Doctrine Migrations for Laravel
243 1,129 socialiteproviders/microsoft-graph Microsoft Graph OAuth2 Provider for Laravel Socialite
244 1,122 thujohn/twitter Twitter API for PHP & Laravel
245 1,118 tcg/voyager A Laravel Admin Package for The Control Group to make your life easier and steer your project in the right direction
246 1,116 larapack/doctrine-support Better Doctrine Support with Laravel (Support for `enum`)
247 1,111 overtrue/laravel-lang List of 75 languages for Laravel 4, 5, 6 and 7
248 1,103 cartalyst/sentinel PHP 7.3+ Fully-featured Authentication & Authorization System
249 1,100 juampi92/api-resources Manage your resources maintaining API versioning
250 1,097 graham-campbell/flysystem Flysystem Is A Flysystem Bridge For Laravel
251 1,095 orchestra/parser XML Document Parser for Laravel and PHP
252 1,094 bschmitt/laravel-amqp AMQP wrapper for Laravel and Lumen to publish and consume messages
253 1,078 te7a-houdini/laroute Access Laravels URL/Route helper functions, from JavaScript.
254 1,074 reliese/laravel Reliese Components for Laravel Framework code generation.
255 1,068 wulfheart/pretty_routes Display your Laravel routes in the console, but make it pretty. 😎
256 1,060 wire-elements/modal Laravel Livewire modal component
257 1,047 yajra/laravel-oci8 Oracle DB driver for Laravel 4|5|6|7 via OCI8
258 1,043 rinvex/laravel-support Rinvex common support helpers, contracts, and traits required by various Rinvex packages. Validator functionality, and basic controller included out-of-the-box.
259 1,043 infyomlabs/adminlte-templates AdminLTE templates for InfyOm Laravel Generator
260 1,031 gobrightspot/nova-detached-actions A Laravel Nova tool to allow for placing actions in the Nova toolbar detached from the checkbox selection mechanism.
261 1,030 optimistdigital/nova-settings A Laravel Nova tool for editing custom settings using native Nova fields.
262 1,026 renatomarinho/laravel-page-speed Laravel Page Speed
263 1,024 barryvdh/laravel-elfinder A Laravel Package to integrate elFinder 2
264 1,023 florianv/laravel-swap Currency exchange rates library for Laravel and Lumen
265 1,020 dillingham/nova-items-field Nova field to handle array columns
266 1,017 laravelcollective/remote Remote SSH access for The Laravel Framework.
267 1,008 inspheric/nova-url-field A Laravel Nova url field.
268 1,005 ukfast/laravel-health-check A package for checking the health of your Laravel/Lumen applications.
269 1,005 socialiteproviders/facebook Facebook (facebook.com) OAuth2 Provider for Laravel Socialite
270 999 uxweb/sweet-alert A simple PHP package to show Sweet Alerts with the Laravel Framework
271 985 kris/laravel-form-builder Laravel form builder - symfony like
272 985 benwilkins/laravel-fcm-notification Laravel FCM (Firebase Cloud Messaging) Notification Channel
273 981 pragmarx/health Laravel Server & App Health Monitor and Notifier
274 981 orchid/platform Platform for back-office applications, admin panel or CMS your Laravel app.
275 981 davidpiesse/nova-toggle A Boolean Toggle Switch Field
276 978 nothingworks/blade-svg A package to easily make use of icons in your Laravel Blade views.
277 976 rappasoft/laravel-livewire-tables A dynamic table component for Laravel Livewire
278 972 statamic/cms The Statamic CMS Core Package
279 972 nicolaslopezj/searchable Eloquent model search trait.
280 968 xethron/migrations-generator Generates Laravel Migrations from an existing database
281 966 inspheric/nova-indicator-field A Laravel Nova indicator field.
282 960 kirschbaum-development/eloquent-power-joins The Laravel magic applied to joins.
283 959 rtconner/laravel-likeable Trait for Laravel Eloquent models to allow easy implementation of a 'like' or 'favorite' or 'remember' feature.
284 955 scoutapp/scout-apm-laravel Scout Application Performance Monitoring Agent - https://scoutapm.com
285 952 64robots/nova-fields A Laravel Nova field.
286 942 xethron/laravel-4-generators Rapidly generate resources, migrations, models, and much more.
287 937 ampeco/nova-date-range-filter A Laravel Nova date range filter.
288 933 monicahq/laravel-cloudflare Add Cloudflare ip addresses to trusted proxies for Laravel.
289 926 nanigans/single-table-inheritance Single Table Inheritance Trait
290 925 crazybooot/base64-validation Laravel validators for base64 encoded files
291 923 pdmfc/nova-action-button A Laravel Nova field to run actions.
292 918 inacho/php-credit-card-validator Validates popular debit and credit cards numbers against regular expressions and Luhn algorithm. Also validates the CVC and the expiration date
293 914 sebdesign/laravel-state-machine Winzou State Machine service provider for Laravel
294 907 goldspecdigital/laravel-eloquent-uuid A simple drop-in solution for providing UUID support for the IDs of your Eloquent models.
295 905 botman/botman Create messaging bots in PHP with ease.
296 903 socialiteproviders/microsoft Microsoft OAuth2 Provider for Laravel Socialite
297 890 benjaminhirsch/nova-slug-field A Laravel Nova field to generate a slugs.
298 876 overtrue/laravel-wechat 微信 SDK for Laravel
299 875 orlyapps/nova-belongsto-depend A Laravel Nova field.
300 871 fourstacks/nova-checkboxes A Laravel Nova field.
301 867 laravel-validation-rules/credit-card Validate credit card number, expiration date, cvc
302 865 spatie/nova-translatable Making Nova fields translatable
303 863 carlos-meneses/laravel-mpdf Laravel Mpdf: Using Mpdf in Laravel to generate Pdfs.
304 862 worksome/verify-by-phone Verify your users by call or SMS
305 862 albertcht/invisible-recaptcha Invisible reCAPTCHA For Laravel.
306 857 wpb/string-blade-compiler Laravel Blade String Compiler, render string as blade templates
307 846 pragmarx/support PragmaRX components support package
308 844 sofa/hookable Laravel Eloquent hooks system.
309 830 propaganistas/laravel-disposable-email Disposable email validator
310 818 graham-campbell/gitlab GitLab Is A GitLab Bridge For Laravel
311 805 khill/lavacharts PHP wrapper library for the Google Chart API
312 802 sunspikes/clamav-validator Custom Laravel 5 anti-virus validator for file uploads.
313 800 apility/laravel-fcm Laravel / Lumen package for Firebase Cloud Messaging
314 796 nunomaduro/laravel-console-summary A Beautiful Laravel Console Summary for your Laravel/Laravel Zero commands.
315 795 chelout/laravel-relationship-events Missing relationship events for Laravel
316 793 blade-ui-kit/blade-ui-kit A set of renderless components to utilise in your Laravel Blade views.
317 791 chris-ware/nova-breadcrumbs A Laravel Nova tool.
318 785 digital-creative/collapsible-resource-manager A custom sidebar menu with collapsible groups
319 783 umbrellio/laravel-pg-extensions Extensions for Postgres Laravel
320 782 spatie/laravel-tail Easily tail application logs
321 778 silvanite/novafieldcheckboxes A Laravel Nova field to display a number of multi-select options using checkboxes.
322 776 lavary/laravel-menu A quick way to create menus in Laravel 5
323 762 envant/fireable An elegant way to trigger events based on attributes changes
324 761 usmanhalalit/laracsv A Laravel package to easily generate CSV files from Eloquent model.
325 759 vimeo/laravel A Vimeo bridge for Laravel
326 757 coconutcraig/laravel-postmark Laravel package for sending mail via the Postmark API
327 752 akaunting/money Currency formatting and conversion package for Laravel
328 751 vemcogroup/laravel-sparkpost-driver SparkPost driver to use with Laravel 6.x|7.x|8.x
329 749 sofa/eloquence-base Flexible Searchable, Mappable, Metable, Validation and more extensions for Laravel Eloquent ORM.
330 748 digital-creative/conditional-container Provides an easy way to conditionally show and hide fields in your Nova resources.
331 745 thomaswelton/laravel-gravatar Laravel 5 Gravatar helper
332 742 josiasmontag/laravel-redis-mock This Laravel package provides a Redis mock for your tests
333 736 madewithlove/illuminate-psr-cache-bridge -
334 733 michaelachrisco/readonly Readonly Models for Laravel 5+
335 733 fruitcake/laravel-telescope-toolbar Toolbar for Laravel Telescope based on Symfony Web Profiler
336 730 codedge/laravel-fpdf Laravel package to include Fpdf. It ships with Fpdf 1.84.
337 730 cloudcreativity/laravel-json-api JSON API (jsonapi.org) support for Laravel applications.
338 727 spatie/laravel-blade-javascript A Blade directive to export variables to JavaScript
339 726 graham-campbell/throttle Throttle Is A Rate Limiter For Laravel
340 721 watson/sitemap Generate Google Sitemaps in Laravel
341 720 wnx/laravel-stats Get insights about your Laravel Project
342 717 devio/pipedrive Complete Pipedrive API client for PHP and/or Laravel
343 713 spatie/laravel-translation-loader Store your language lines in the database, yaml or other sources
344 711 coderello/laravel-nova-lang Language support for Laravel Nova.
345 704 sixlive/nova-text-copy-field Laravel Nova text field with click to copy support
346 701 infyomlabs/swagger-generator Swagger Generator for InfyOm Laravel Generator
347 699 vyuldashev/laravel-openapi Generate OpenAPI Specification for Laravel Applications
348 690 nunomaduro/laravel-desktop-notifier Send notifications to your desktop from your Laravel commands. An JoliNotif wrapper for Laravel 5.
349 689 konekt/enum-eloquent Enum attribute casting for Eloquent models
350 687 socialiteproviders/kakao Kakao OAuth2 Provider for Laravel Socialite
351 686 vyuldashev/nova-money-field A Laravel Nova field for Money.
352 683 socialiteproviders/vkontakte VKontakte OAuth2 Provider for Laravel Socialite
353 681 schuppo/password-strength This package provides a validator for ensuring strong passwords in Laravel 4 applications.
354 676 akaunting/laravel-money Currency formatting and conversion package for Laravel
355 672 stechstudio/laravel-php-cs-fixer Easily format your Laravel Code with this Configuration file and accompanying artisan command.
356 672 spatie/laravel-disable-floc Automatically disable Google's floc in Laravel apps
357 668 spatie/laravel-health Monitor the health of a Laravel application
358 667 lord/laroute Access Laravels URL/Route helper functions, from JavaScript.
359 664 flugger/laravel-responder A Laravel Fractal package for building API responses, giving you the power of Fractal and the elegancy of Laravel.
360 654 weidner/goutte Laravel Facade for Goutte, a simple PHP Web Scraper
361 652 socialiteproviders/linkedin LinkedIn OAuth2 Provider for Laravel Socialite
362 652 alaouy/youtube Laravel PHP Facade/Wrapper for the Youtube Data API v3
363 648 monospice/laravel-redis-sentinel-drivers Redis Sentinel integration for Laravel and Lumen.
364 647 sofa/eloquence-mappable Flexible Searchable, Mappable, Metable, Validation and more extensions for Laravel Eloquent ORM.
365 646 laravel-shift/blueprint An expressive, human readable code generation tool.
366 645 yassi/nova-nested-form A Laravel Nova package that allows you to create/update/delete nested related fields from a parent form.
367 644 optimistdigital/nova-menu-builder This Laravel Nova package allows you to create and manage menus and menu items.
368 633 baum/baum Baum is an implementation of the Nested Set pattern for Eloquent models.
369 632 mtownsend/xml-to-array Easily convert valid xml to a php array.
370 631 graham-campbell/testbench-core TestBench Core Provides Some Testing Functionality For Laravel
371 626 pragmarx/firewall A Laravel IP whitelisting and blacklisting
372 623 tucker-eric/laravel-docusign Laravel 6 Wrapper for Official DocuSign Rest API
373 621 jrean/laravel-user-verification User Email Verification For Laravel
374 619 laraning/nova-time-field A Laravel Nova field.
375 616 oriceon/oauth-5-laravel OAuth Service Provider for Laravel 5
376 616 ignited/laravel-omnipay Integrates Omnipay with Laravel and provides an easy configuration.
377 614 buzz/laravel-google-captcha Google captcha for Laravel 5, Laravel 6, Laravel 7 and Laravel 8
378 613 zerodahero/laravel-workflow Integerate Symfony Workflow component into Laravel.
379 613 waynestate/nova-ckeditor4-field This nova package allows you to use CKEditor 4 for text areas.
380 605 mailjet/laravel-mailjet Laravel package for Mailjet API V3 and Laravel Mailjet Mail Transport
381 605 laravel-zero/foundation This is a mirror from illuminate/foundation.
382 603 lanin/laravel-api-debugger Easily debug your JSON API.
383 602 socialiteproviders/okta Okta OAuth2 Provider for Laravel Socialite
384 600 sloveniangooner/searchable-select A Laravel Nova field.
385 600 jeroen-g/laravel-packager A cli tool for creating Laravel packages.
386 600 graham-campbell/exceptions Provides A Powerful Error Response System For Both Development And Production
387 599 inspector-apm/inspector-laravel Simple Code Execution Monitoring for Laravel applications.
388 597 msurguy/honeypot Honeypot spam prevention
389 597 darryldecode/cart Laravel 5 Shopping cart
390 594 riverskies/laravel-mobile-detect Instant mobile detection access directly from within Blade templates.
391 591 swooletw/laravel-swoole High performance HTTP server based on Swoole. Speed up your Laravel and Lumen applications.
392 591 benjacho/belongs-to-many-field belongsToMany nova representation in field.
393 585 kylekatarnls/laravel-carbon-2 Carbon 2 adapter for Laravel
394 582 graham-campbell/security-core Security Core Is A Wrapper Of voku/anti-xss For General Use
395 580 vizir/laravel-keycloak-web-guard Simple Keycloak Guard to Laravel Web Routes
396 575 coroowicaksono/chart-js-integration A Simple Dashboard Chart in Laravel Nova using Chart JS. Starting create your own dashboard with Chart JS Integration can save your time and help you maintain consistency across standard elements such as Bar, Stacked, Line, Area, Doughnut and Pie Chart.
397 572 bvanhoekelen/performance PHP performance tool analyser your script on time, memory usage and db query. Support Laravel and Composer for web, web console and command line interfaces.
398 569 php-open-source-saver/jwt-auth JSON Web Token Authentication for Laravel and Lumen
399 568 arkaitzgarro/elastic-apm-laravel Laravel APM agent for Elastic v2 intake API
400 567 bumbummen99/shoppingcart Laravel Shoppingcart
401 563 mnabialek/laravel-sql-logger Log SQL queries in Laravel/Lumen framework
402 563 laravel-validation-rules/country-codes Validate country codes.
403 562 willvincent/laravel-rateable Allows multiple models to be rated with a fivestar like system.
404 560 jrm2k6/cloudder Cloudinary API wrapper for Laravel
405 559 socialiteproviders/instagram Instagram OAuth2 Provider for Laravel Socialite
406 556 timothyasp/nova-badge-field A Laravel Nova field.
407 548 sti3bas/laravel-scout-array-driver Array driver for Laravel Scout
408 547 socialiteproviders/slack Slack OAuth2 Provider for Laravel Socialite
409 546 nsavinov/nova-percent-field A Laravel Nova field.
410 540 roumen/sitemap Laravelium Sitemap package for Laravel.
411 539 jackiedo/dotenv-editor The .env file editor tool for Laravel 5.8+
412 534 wildside/userstamps Laravel Userstamps provides an Eloquent trait which automatically maintains `created_by` and `updated_by` columns on your model, populated by the currently authenticated user in your application.
413 532 devpartners/auditable-log A Laravel Nova resource tool for displaying the Laravel Auditing audit log.
414 529 nemrutco/nova-filterable-metrics Filterable Laravel Nova Metrics.
415 526 larapack/hooks A Laravel Hook system
416 526 hyn/multi-tenant Run multiple websites using the same laravel installation while keeping tenant specific data separated for fully independant multi-domain setups.
417 524 danielme85/laravel-log-to-db Custom Laravel Log channel handler that can store log events to SQL or MongoDB databases. Uses Laravel native logging functionality.
418 523 larapack/voyager-hooks Hooks integrated in Voyager
419 523 kg-bot/laravel-localization-to-vue Laravel package used to collect all localization files from resources/lang (and custom) directories and sub-directories and make them available as JSON file
420 522 studio/laravel-totem A Laravel package to manage your cron jobs through a beautiful dashboard
421 522 silviolleite/laravelpwa Looks like an app, feels like an app, but NOT an app.
422 521 oscarafdev/migrations-generator Generates Laravel Migrations from an existing database
423 521 oscarafdev/laravel-4-generators Rapidly generate resources, migrations, models, and much more.
424 518 kkomelin/laravel-translatable-string-exporter Translatable String Exporter for Laravel
425 517 cybercog/laravel-ban Laravel Ban simplify blocking and banning Eloquent models.
426 515 mxl/laravel-queue-rate-limit Simple Laravel queue rate limiting
427 508 yadahan/laravel-authentication-log Laravel Authentication Log provides authentication logger and notification for Laravel.
428 506 flynsarmy/db-blade-compiler Render Blade templates from Eloquent Model Fields
429 505 jeremykenedy/slack A simple PHP package for sending messages to Slack.
430 502 saumini/count A Laravel Nova field.
431 499 yoeunes/toastr toastr.js flush notifications for Laravel and Lumen
432 493 owenmelbz/nova-radio-field A Laravel Nova radio button field type with the ability to toggle other field visibility.
433 492 jamesmills/laravel-timezone Timezone storage and retrieval for Laravel
434 492 cartalyst/tags Easily add tags to your Eloquent models.
435 491 darkghosthunter/laraguard On-premises 2FA Authentication for all your users out-of-the-box
436 490 waavi/sanitizer Data sanitizer and Laravel 7 form requests with input sanitation.
437 489 laraveles/spanish Conjunto de traducciones en español para Laravel
438 489 jenssegers/blade The standalone version of Laravel's Blade templating engine for use outside of Laravel.
439 485 plank/laravel-mediable A package for easily uploading and attaching media files to models with Laravel
440 485 joselfonseca/lighthouse-graphql-passport-auth Add GraphQL types and mutations for login and recover password functionalities
441 483 optimistdigital/nova-translatable A laravel-translatable extension for Laravel Nova.
442 481 sofa/eloquence Flexible Searchable, Mappable, Metable, Validation and more extensions for Laravel Eloquent ORM.
443 475 jorenvanhocht/laravel-share Optional package for Laravel to generate social share links.
444 472 optimistdigital/nova-detached-filters This Laravel Nova package allows you to detach filters from the filter dropdown
445 468 bissolli/nova-phone-field Nova Phone Number field with a dynamic mask based on the country code inserted by the user.
446 467 philperusse/nova-column-filter A Laravel Nova column queryer filter
447 466 soapbox/laravel-formatter A formatting library that converts data output between XML, CSV, JSON, TXT, YAML and a few others.
448 465 jeremykenedy/slack-laravel Laravel integration for the jeremykenedy/slack package, including facades and service providers.
449 465 cloudinary-labs/cloudinary-laravel A Laravel Cloudinary Package
450 463 laravel-zero/framework The Laravel Zero Framework.
451 463 ctessier/nova-advanced-image-field An advanced image field for Nova with crop and resize.
452 461 dougsisk/laravel-country-state Country & state helper for Laravel.
453 460 manogi/nova-tiptap A Laravel Nova tiptap editor field.
454 460 inspheric/nova-email-field A Laravel Nova email field.
455 459 shivella/laravel-bitly Laravel package for generating bitly url
456 459 greggilbert/recaptcha reCAPTCHA Validator for Laravel 5
457 457 davibennun/laravel-push-notification Laravel package to send push notifications to mobile devices (apns, gcm)
458 456 lkaemmerling/laravel-horizon-prometheus-exporter A small package to gain and export long time information from Laravel & Horizon for Prometheus.
459 455 snowfire/beautymail Send beautiful html emails with Laravel
460 453 socialiteproviders/discord Discord OAuth2 Provider for Laravel Socialite
461 448 infyomlabs/generator-builder InfyOm Laravel Generator GUI Builder
462 447 laravelbook/ardent Self-validating smart models for Laravel 5's Eloquent ORM
463 443 czim/laravel-paperclip Laravel Eloquent file attachment solution
464 441 wehaa/custom-links Adds custom links to Nova sidebar.
465 438 timehunter/laravel-google-recaptcha-v3 Laravel Package for google reCAPTCHA v3
466 437 pdewit/nova-external-url An external URL Laravel Nova field.
467 436 runlinenl/nova-profile-tool A tool for Laravel Nova to allow users to edit their profile data
468 436 dimsav/laravel-translatable A Laravel package for multilingual models
469 435 parsedown/laravel Official Parsedown's Laravel Wrapper.
470 432 socialiteproviders/twitter Twitter OAuth1 Provider for Laravel Socialite
471 432 david-griffiths/nova-dark-theme A dark theme for Laravel Nova
472 430 joblocal/laravel-sqs-sns-subscription-queue A simple Laravel service provider which adds a new queue connector to handle SNS subscription queues.
473 427 martinlindhe/laravel-vue-i18n-generator Generates a vue-i18n compatible include file from your Laravel translations.
474 427 betterapp/laravel-db-encrypter Provides database model attribute encryption/decryption
475 424 sofa/eloquence-mutable Flexible Searchable, Mappable, Metable, Validation and more extensions for Laravel Eloquent ORM.
476 423 laraveldaily/laravel-invoices Missing invoices for Laravel
477 423 illuminated/console-mutex Mutex for Laravel Console Commands.
478 419 ziffmedia/nova-select-plus A Nova select field for simple and complex select inputs
479 419 laracasts/testdummy Easy test stubs
480 418 signifly/nova-progressbar-field A Laravel Nova progress bar field.
481 417 igaster/laravel-theme Laravel 5 Themes: Asset & Views folder per theme. Theme inheritance. Blade integration and more...
482 414 laravelista/ekko Framework agnostic PHP package for marking navigation items active.
483 413 spinen/laravel-geometry Wrapper over the geoPHP Class to make it integrate with Laravel better.
484 411 sofa/eloquence-metable Flexible Searchable, Mappable, Metable, Validation and more extensions for Laravel Eloquent ORM.
485 410 jorijn/laravel-security-checker Added Laravel functionality to the Enlightn Security Checker. Adds a command to check for, and optionally emails you, vulnerabilities when they affect you.
486 409 bolechen/nova-activitylog A tool to activity logger to monitor the users of your Laravel Nova.
487 408 josiasmontag/laravel-recaptchav3 Recaptcha V3 for Laravel package
488 408 hotmeteor/spectator Testing helpers for your OpenAPI spec
489 405 kirschbaum-development/nova-inline-select An inline select field for Laravel Nova apps.
490 405 infinety-es/nova-filemanager Filemanager tool for Laravel Nova
491 404 sammyk/laravel-facebook-sdk Fully unit tested Facebook SDK v5 integration for Laravel & Lumen 5.x
492 404 rutorika/sortable Adds sortable behavior and ordering to Laravel Eloquent models. Grouping and many to many supported.
493 404 laravel-json-api/laravel JSON:API for Laravel applications.
494 404 eminiarts/nova-permissions Laravel Nova Grouped Permissions.
495 403 techouse/select-auto-complete An auto-completing Laravel Nova search field.
496 400 simplesquid/nova-advanced-number-field A Laravel Nova field which adds additional functionality to the default Number field.
497 399 royduin/laravel-nova-field-dynamic-select A Laravel Nova field.
498 394 unisharp/laravel-ckeditor JavaScript WYSIWYG web text editor (for laravel).
499 394 nordsoftware/lumen-cors CORS module for the Lumen PHP framework.
500 393 optimistdigital/nova-locale-field A Laravel Nova field.
501 392 ebess/nova-collapsible-sidebar A collapsible sidebar for Laravel Nova.
502 390 matchish/laravel-scout-elasticsearch Search among multiple models with ElasticSearch and Laravel Scout
503 389 vmitchell85/nova-links Add custom links to your nova navigation
504 389 sofa/eloquence-validable Flexible Searchable, Mappable, Metable, Validation and more extensions for Laravel Eloquent ORM.
505 389 gghughunishvili/entrust This package provides a flexible way to add Role-based Permissions to Laravel/Lumen 6
506 388 hmazter/laravel-schedule-list Laravel package to add command to list all scheduled artisan commands
507 386 mad-web/nova-telescope-link Smart Link for Laravel Nova to Telescope Debug Assistant.
508 386 emilianotisato/nova-tinymce This Nova package allow you to use TinyMCE editor for text areas.You can customize the editor options and... you can upload images to your server and put them rigth there on the text without leaving the text editor!
509 383 franzose/closure-table Adjacency List’ed Closure Table database design pattern implementation for Laravel
510 382 akaunting/setting Persistent settings package for Laravel
511 381 torann/currency This provides Laravel with currency functions such as currency formatting and conversion using up-to-date exchange rates.
512 379 mxl/laravel-job Laravel job tools
513 378 comodolab/nova-help A Laravel Nova help field.
514 377 coderello/laravel-passport-social-grant Social Grant for Laravel Passport
515 375 reinink/advanced-eloquent A set of advanced Eloquent macros for Laravel
516 373 rappasoft/laravel-helpers Laravel Helpers for Non-Laravel Projects
517 372 reedware/nova-text-filter Adds a text filter component for resources and lenses.
518 371 khalin/nova-link-field A Laravel Nova Link field.
519 370 arcanedev/no-captcha No CAPTCHA (new Google reCAPTCHA) with Laravel support
520 365 cyrildewit/eloquent-viewable Laravel package that allows you to associate views with Eloquent models
521 361 hhxsv5/laravel-s 🚀 LaravelS is an out-of-the-box adapter between Swoole and Laravel/Lumen.
522 360 spiritix/lada-cache A Redis based, automated and scalable database caching layer for Laravel
523 359 socialiteproviders/twitch Twitch OAuth2 Provider for Laravel Socialite
524 359 kirkbushell/eloquence A set of extensions adding additional functionality and consistency to Laravel's awesome Eloquent library.
525 358 rossjcooper/laravel-hubspot Adds a Laravel specific wrapper for the Hubspot client package
526 358 drobee/nova-sluggable Slug field for Laravel Nova
527 358 davidpiesse/nova-map Map field for Laravel Nova
528 358 asbiin/laravel-webauthn Laravel Webauthn support
529 358 algolia/laravel-scout-settings Import/Export Algolia settings into your Laravel Scout project
530 357 zerospam/laravel-gettext Adds localization support to laravel applications in an easy way using Poedit and GNU gettext.
531 357 ofcold/nova-sortable A Laravel Nova tool.
532 357 gpressutto5/laravel-slack Slack notification for Laravel as it should be.
533 355 spatie/laravel-data Create unified resources and data transfer objects
534 355 ip2location/ip2location-laravel Lookup for visitor's IP information, such as country, region, city, coordinates, zip code, time zone, ISP, domain name, connection type, area code, weather, MCC, MNC, mobile brand name, elevation and usage type.
535 354 robclancy/presenter Decorate your objects using presenters. Primarily to keep presentation logic out of your models.
536 351 nunomaduro/laravel-mojito A lightweight package for testing Laravel views.
537 349 socialiteproviders/line Line Provider for Laravel Socialite
538 348 codezero/laravel-unique-translation Check if a translated value in a JSON column is unique in the database.
539 347 nrml-co/nova-big-filter A nice looking filter menu thats always open.
540 343 reindert-vetter/api-version-control A Laravel package to manage versions of endpoints in an elegant way
541 342 simonhamp/laravel-nova-csv-import A fully-fledged CSV import tool for Laravel Nova.
542 342 adaojunior/passport-social-grant Social grant for Laravel Passport
543 341 simplesquid/nova-enum-field A Laravel Nova field to add enums to resources.
544 338 cagilo/cagilo A set of open-source Blade components for the Laravel Framework
545 337 socialiteproviders/keycloak Keycloak OAuth2 Provider for Laravel Socialite
546 334 anahkiasen/former A powerful form builder
547 331 mpyw/eloquent-has-by-non-dependent-subquery Convert has() and whereHas() constraints to non-dependent subqueries.
548 331 ashallendesign/short-url A Laravel package for creating shortened URLs for your web apps.
549 330 werk365/etagconditionals Laravel package to enable support for ETags and handling If-Match and If-None-Match conditional requests
550 330 mccool/laravel-auto-presenter A system for auto-decorating models with presenter objects.
551 329 webwizo/laravel-shortcodes Wordpress like shortcodes for Laravel 5, 6, 7, and 8
552 329 kozz/laravel-guzzle-provider Guzzle 5/6 Service Provider for Laravel
553 329 filament/filament The elegant TALL stack admin panel for Laravel artisans.
554 329 arcanedev/seo-helper SEO Helper is a framework agnostic package that provides tools & helpers for SEO (Laravel supported).
555 328 themsaid/laravel-mail-preview A mail driver to quickly preview mail
556 326 nathanheffley/laravel-slack-blocks Slack Blocks support for laravel notifications.
557 326 fico7489/laravel-eloquent-join This package introduces the join magic for eloquent models and relations.
558 326 alvinhu/nova-child-select Laravel nova child field.
559 325 llaski/nova-scheduled-jobs A Laravel Nova card to view your scheduled jobs.
560 324 laravelium/feed Laravelium Feed package for Laravel.
561 324 cesargb/laravel-magiclink Create secure link for access to private data or login in Laravel without password
562 323 optimistdigital/nova-multiselect-filter Multiselect filter for Laravel Nova.
563 323 kristories/nova-qrcode-field Nova QR code field
564 323 cerbero/lazy-json Load heavy JSON in Laravel lazy collections.
565 322 osteel/openapi-httpfoundation-testing Validate HttpFoundation requests and responses against OpenAPI (3.0.x) definitions
566 322 cviebrock/eloquent-taggable Easy ability to tag your Eloquent models in Laravel 5.
567 321 illuminatech/validation-composite Allows uniting several validation rules into a single one for easy re-usage
568 320 titasgailius/terminal Terminal is an Elegent wrapper around Symfony's Process component.
569 320 anaseqal/nova-sidebar-icons A Laravel Nova tool.
570 319 vinkla/shield A HTTP basic auth middleware for Laravel
571 318 monicahq/laravel-sabre Sabre DAV server adapter for Laravel.
572 318 coreproc/nova-system-info-card A Laravel Nova card that shows you your system information.
573 316 outhebox/nova-hidden-field A Laravel Nova Hidden field.
574 316 alexusmai/laravel-file-manager File manager for Laravel
575 315 tio/laravel Add this package to localize your Laravel application (PHP, JSON or GetText).
576 314 amrshawky/laravel-currency A Laravel package for current and historical currency exchange rates & crypto exchange rates based on the free API provided by exchangerate.host
577 313 andywer/js-localization Laravel package to provide localizations to the Javascript code.
578 312 webup/laravel-sendinblue Laravel's mail transport for SendinBlue
579 312 graham-campbell/testbench TestBench Provides Some Testing Functionality For Laravel
580 309 cybercog/laravel-nova-ban A Laravel Nova banning functionality for your application.
581 308 torann/laravel-asana Asana API wrapper for Laravel
582 304 overtrue/laravel-pinyin Chinese to Pinyin translator.
583 304 mtownsend/response-xml The missing XML support for Laravel's Response class.
584 304 caffeinated/modules Laravel Modules
585 302 irazasyed/larasupport Adds Laravel Package Support in Lumen.
586 301 php-junior/nova-logs Provides a Log Viewer for Laravel Nova
587 299 akaunting/laravel-setting Persistent settings package for Laravel
588 297 wehaa/liveupdate A Laravel Nova field.
589 297 owen-oj/laravel-getid3 This package is a wrapper around james-heinrich/getid3 to extract various information from media files
590 297 marvinlabs/laravel-discord-logger Logging to a discord channel in Laravel
591 297 iidestiny/flysystem-oss Flysystem adapter for the Oss storage.
592 297 idf/nova-html-card A Laravel Nova card to display arbitrary HTML content
593 296 elasticquent/elasticquent Maps Laravel Eloquent models to Elasticsearch types.
594 294 livewire-ui/modal Laravel Livewire modal component
595 293 maknz/slack-laravel Laravel 4 and 5 integration for the maknz/slack package, including facades and service providers.
596 292 macsidigital/laravel-zoom Laravel Zoom package
597 292 binarycabin/laravel-uuid A wrapper for webpatser/laravel-uuid with additional integration
598 291 morilog/jalali This Package helps developers to easily work with Jalali (Shamsi or Iranian) dates in PHP applications, based on Jalali (Shamsi) DateTime class.
599 290 way/generators Rapidly generate resources, migrations, models, and much more.
600 290 bavix/laravel-wallet Easy work with virtual wallet.
601 289 pusher/pusher-http-laravel [DEPRECATED] A Pusher bridge for Laravel
602 289 laravel-frontend-presets/tailwindcss Laravel frontend preset for Tailwind CSS
603 288 square1/nova-metrics Add support for resource-filters on your laravel nova metrics
604 286 torann/laravel-repository Base repository implementation for Laravel
605 285 suenerds/nova-searchable-belongs-to-filter Searchable Nova filter for belongsTo relationships.
606 285 dacastro4/laravel-gmail Gmail API package for Laravel
607 284 yangqi/htmldom Simple Html Dom Parser for Laravel 4
608 283 pos-lifestyle/laravel-nova-date-range-filter A Laravel Nova date range filter.
609 283 cornford/googlmapper An easy way to integrate Google Maps with Laravel.
610 282 guidocella/eloquent-insert-on-duplicate-key Macros for INSERT ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE and INSERT IGNORE with Eloquent
611 280 rinvex/laravel-subscriptions Rinvex Subscriptions is a flexible plans and subscription management system for Laravel, with the required tools to run your SAAS like services efficiently. It's simple architecture, accompanied by powerful underlying to afford solid platform for your business.
612 279 penance316/laravel-iso8601-validator laravel iso8601 date validation package
613 279 nikaia/nova-rating-field Add start rating field to Laravel Nova
614 279 jeroenzwart/laravel-csv-seeder Seed the database with Laravel using CSV files
615 277 thedoctor0/laravel-factory-generator Generate Laravel or Lumen test factories for your models.
616 277 tamayo/laravel-scout-elastic Elastic Driver for Laravel Scout
617 277 monooso/unobserve Mute and unmute Laravel observers at will.
618 276 ytake/laravel-fluent-logger fluent logger for laravel and lumen
619 272 kirschbaum-development/mail-intercept A test package for intercepting email sent from Laravel
620 271 graham-campbell/security Security Is An Anti-XSS Wrapper For Laravel
621 270 nunomaduro/laravel-console-menu Laravel Console Menu is an output method for your Laravel/Laravel Zero commands.
622 269 waavi/translation A Translation package for Laravel 5 with database and cache support
623 269 naxon/nova-field-sortable A Laravel Nova field.
624 269 mopo922/laravel-treats A collection of goodies for Laravel 5.
625 269 meilisearch/meilisearch-laravel-scout Laravel Scout custom engine for MeiliSearch
626 268 understand/understand-laravel5 Laravel 5, 6, 7 and 8 service provider for Understand.io
627 268 mckenziearts/laravel-notify Flexible flash notifications for Laravel
628 268 ammadeuss/laravel-html-dom-parser Laravel wrapper for the PHP Simple HTML DOM Parser package
629 266 lucidarch/lucid An architecture for scalable software.
630 266 fourstacks/nova-repeatable-fields A Laravel Nova field.
631 265 enqueue/laravel-queue Laravel Queue Extension. It uses Enqueue transports
632 265 dannyvankooten/laravel-vat VAT library for Laravel
633 264 backpack/logmanager An interface to preview, download and delete Laravel log files.
634 261 silber/page-cache Caches responses as static files on disk for lightning fast page loads.
635 260 tutorigo/laravel-ide-macros Generating a helper file for IDEs to support Laravel's macros.
636 259 marcin-orlowski/laravel-api-response-builder Helps building nice, normalized and easy to consume Laravel REST API.
637 258 kouz/laravel-airbrake Laravel service provider for Airbrake https://github.com/airbrake/phpbrake
638 257 spatie/google-time-zone Get time zones for coordinates
639 257 reinink/remember-query-strings Laravel middleware that automatically remembers and restores query strings.
640 256 mpociot/versionable Allows to create Laravel 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 Model versioning and restoring
641 256 mastani/laravel-google-static-map Laravel Google Static Map Generator
642 256 jacobcyl/ali-oss-storage aliyun oss filesystem storage for laravel 5+
643 256 codezero/laravel-localized-routes A convenient way to set up, manage and use localized routes in a Laravel app.
644 255 socialiteproviders/youtube YouTube OAuth2 Provider for Laravel Socialite
645 255 kabbouchi/laravel-ward -
646 254 kabbouchi/nova-logs-tool A Laravel Nova tool to manage and keep track of each one of your logs files.
647 253 spatie/laravel-google-fonts Manage self-hosted Google Fonts in Laravel apps
648 253 osiset/laravel-shopify Shopify package for Laravel to aide in app development
649 253 andreaselia/laravel-api-to-postman Generate a Postman collection automatically from your Laravel API
650 251 jlapp/swaggervel A great way to integrate Swagger into Laravel
651 251 chaseconey/nova-external-image A Laravel Nova field.
652 251 anaseqal/nova-import A Laravel Nova import tool.
653 250 lucadegasperi/oauth2-server-laravel An OAuth 2.0 bridge for Laravel and Lumen
654 250 ejarnutowski/laravel-api-key Authorize requests to your Laravel application with API keys
655 249 soarecostin/file-vault -
656 248 unicodeveloper/laravel-paystack A Laravel Package for Paystack
657 248 laravel-notification-channels/pusher-push-notifications Pusher native Push Notifications driver.
658 247 dialect/laravel-gdpr-compliance GDPR compliant data portability and anonymization
659 244 helpscout/api-laravel Service provider and facade to integrate the Help Scout Mailbox API 2.0 with Laravel and Lumen
660 244 eusonlito/laravel-meta A package to manage Header Meta Tags
661 244 codebyray/laravel-review-rateable Review & Rating system for Laravel 7 & 8
662 244 andriichuk/laracash PHP Laravel Money Package
663 242 imanghafoori/laravel-smart-facades Adds some features on the top of laravel facades
664 241 awes-io/repository Implementation of repository pattern for Laravel. The package allows out-of-the-box filtering of data based on parameters in the request, and also allows you to quickly integrate the list filters and custom criteria.
665 240 spatie/nova-backup-tool A Laravel Nova tool to backup your application.
666 240 imanghafoori/laravel-password-history A package to keep a history of all password changes of users
667 240 imanghafoori/laravel-nullable A package to help you write expressive defensive code in a functional manner
668 239 spiral/roadrunner-laravel RoadRunner: Bridge for Laravel applications
669 239 schulzefelix/laravel-bigquery -
670 239 hedronium/spaceless-blade Adds the @spaceless tag to Blade. (works like in Twig)
671 238 vluzrmos/slack-api Wrapper for Slack.com WEB API.
672 238 jkocik/laravel-profiler Profiler for Laravel Framework
673 237 tightenco/nova-stripe A tool to create a quick Stripe dashboard in your Laravel Nova admin panels
674 237 mpociot/laravel-test-factory-helper Generate Laravel test factories from your existing models
675 236 hardevine/shoppingcart Laravel Shoppingcart
676 235 johnathan/nova-trumbowyg A Laravel Nova wrapper for the Trumbowyg WYSIWYG editor
677 235 highsolutions/laravel-lang-import-export A Laravel package providing artisan commands to import and export language files from and to CSV.
678 234 yedincisenol/dynamic-links Firebase Dynamic Links for Php and Laravel
679 234 tormjens/eventy The WordPress filter/action system in Laravel
680 234 petercoles/multilingual-country-list Lookup Objects for ISO 3166 Country Names and Codes
681 233 glaivepro/hidevara Laravel millipackage that hides variables from getting dumped in the Whoops page when your app crashes.
682 232 laravelcollective/annotations Route Annotations for The Laravel Framework.
683 231 creitive/breadcrumbs Simple breadcrumbs class
684 230 spatie/cpu-load-health-check A Laravel Health check to monitor CPU load
685 230 socialiteproviders/steam Steam OpenID Provider for Laravel Socialite
686 230 malhal/laravel-geographical Easily add longitude and latitude columns to your records and use inherited functionality for calculating distances
687 229 dusterio/link-preview Link preview generation for PHP with Laravel support
688 229 dcat/laravel-admin dcat admin
689 228 ybr-nx/laravel-mariadb Add MariaDB JSON select support to Laravel
690 228 swayok/alternative-laravel-cache Replacements for Laravel's redis and file cache stores that properly implement tagging idea. Powered by cache pool implementations provided by http://www.php-cache.com/
691 228 philo/laravel-blade Use the simple and yet powerful Laravel Blade templating engine as a standalone component.
692 228 carlson/nova-link-field A Laravel Nova field for HTML links.
693 227 caouecs/laravel-lang Languages for Laravel
694 226 tightenco/jigsaw Simple static sites with Laravel's Blade.
695 222 ulobby/neoeloquent Laravel wrapper for the Neo4j graph database REST interface
696 222 socialiteproviders/gitlab GitLab OAuth2 Provider for Laravel Socialite
697 221 laravel-frontend-presets/tall TALL preset for Laravel.
698 220 froala/nova-froala-field A Laravel Nova Froala WYSIWYG Editor Field.
699 219 edujugon/laravel-google-ads Google Adwords API for Laravel
700 218 robsontenorio/laravel-keycloak-guard 🔑 Simple Keycloak Guard for Laravel
701 217 thenpingme/laravel Zero config scheduled task monitoring for Laravel
702 217 danielboendergaard/phantom-pdf A Package for generating PDF files using PhantomJS
703 216 themsaid/forge-sdk The official Laravel Forge PHP SDK.
704 216 rappasoft/lockout Put your Laravel application into read-only mode.
705 215 r64/nova-image-cropper A Laravel Nova field.
706 215 larabug/larabug Laravel 5.8/6.x/7.x/8.x bug notifier
707 214 imliam/laravel-blade-helper An easier way to define custom Blade directives.
708 213 techouse/intl-date-time International datepicker field for Laravel Nova.
709 212 yansongda/laravel-pay 专注 Alipay 和 WeChat 的 laravel 支付扩展包
710 211 optimistdigital/nova-notes-field This Laravel Nova package adds a notes field to Nova's arsenal of fields.
711 211 laravel-notification-channels/discord Laravel notification driver for Discord.
712 210 tailflow/laravel-orion Laravel Orion allows you to build a fully featured REST API based on your Eloquent models and relationships with the simplicity of Laravel as you love it.
713 209 vink/nova-cache-card Manage your application's cache from a handy Laravel Nova dashboard card.
714 209 beyondcode/nova-tinker-tool Use Laravel tinker from Nova.
715 209 area17/twill Twill is an open source CMS toolkit for Laravel that helps developers rapidly create a custom admin console that is intuitive, powerful and flexible.
716 209 appzcoder/crud-generator Laravel CRUD Generator
717 208 spatie/laravel-artisan-dispatchable Dispatch Laravel jobs via Artisan
718 208 rinvex/laravel-attributes Rinvex Attributes is a robust, intelligent, and integrated Entity-Attribute-Value model (EAV) implementation for Laravel Eloquent, with powerful underlying for managing entity attributes implicitly as relations with ease. It utilizes the power of Laravel Eloquent, with smooth and seamless integration.
719 208 classic-o/nova-media-library Tool and field that will let you managing files and add them to the posts
720 206 pktharindu/nova-permissions Laravel Nova Grouped Permissions (ACL)
721 205 silvanite/novatoolpermissions Laravel Nova Permissions (Roles and Permission based Access Control (ACL))
722 205 m-a-k-o/nova-custom-table-card Nova custom table card. Show your latest data (orders, posts,...) as card or data you prefer.
723 205 davidpiesse/nova-audio Audio Field for Laravel Nova
724 202 emadadly/laravel-uuid laravel uuid a simple, automatic UUID generator for any model based on Laravel.
725 201 shvetsgroup/laravel-email-database-log A simple database logger for all outgoing emails sent by Laravel website.
726 201 dillingham/nova-ajax-select Nova Ajax Select
727 200 bogardo/mailgun Laravel package for sending mail via the Mailgun API
728 199 kainxspirits/laravel-pubsub-queue Queue driver for Google Cloud Pub/Sub.
729 199 graham-campbell/digitalocean DigitalOcean Is A DigitalOcean Bridge For Laravel
730 198 laravelista/comments Comments for Laravel.
731 197 scyllaly/hcaptcha hCaptcha for Laravel
732 197 logentries/logentries-monolog-handler A handler for Monolog that sends messages to Logentries.com.
733 196 jaybizzle/laravel-migrations-organiser A Laravel package to help organise migration files.
734 195 michielkempen/nova-order-field A Laravel Nova field.
735 194 juampi92/cursor-pagination Cursor pagination made easy for Laravel
736 194 intouch/laravel-newrelic Laravel 5 NewRelic Integration
737 193 yoelpc4/laravel-sail-preset Laravel Sail runtimes & docker-compose.yml preset.
738 193 anam/phantommagick PhantomMagick provides a simple API to ease the process of converting HTML to PDF or images
739 192 nascent-africa/jetstrap A Laravel 8 package to easily switch TailwindCSS resources generated by Laravel Jetstream to Bootstrap 4 or 5.
740 192 langleyfoxall/xero-laravel 💸 Access the Xero accounting system using an Eloquent-like syntax
741 192 gamez/typed-collection Type-safe collections based on Laravel Collections
742 192 brian2694/laravel-toastr toastr.js for Laravel
743 191 webfox/laravel-xero-oauth2 A Laravel integration for Xero using the Oauth 2.0 spec
744 191 vkovic/laravel-custom-casts Make your own custom cast type for Laravel model attributes
745 190 weblee/mandrill Laravel 5 Mandrill API Wrapper
746 190 media24si/nova-youtube-field A Laravel Nova Youtube field.
747 189 rairlie/laravel-locking-session Provide session locking in Laravel
748 188 joelbutcher/socialstream A simple Socialite implementation for Laravel Jetstream.
749 188 ipunkt/laravel-analytics Analytics tracking for Laravel
750 188 barryvdh/laravel-async-queue Async Queue Driver for Laravel (Push to background)
751 187 multicaret/laravel-acquaintances This light package, with no dependencies, gives Eloquent models the ability to manage friendships (with groups). And interactions such as: Likes, favorites, votes, subscribe, follow, ..etc. And it includes advanced rating system.
752 187 mirovit/nova-notifications A Laravel Nova tool to display user notifications.
753 186 waavi/url-shortener Url Shortener for Laravel 5 with support for Google and Bitly drivers.
754 186 recca0120/terminal run laravel artisan command in web application
755 186 benconstable/phpspec-laravel Test your Laravel applications with PhpSpec
756 185 richan-fongdasen/eloquent-blameable Blameable behavior implementation for your Eloquent Model in Laravel
757 185 haruncpi/laravel-log-reader A simple and beautiful laravel log reader
758 184 mostafamaklad/laravel-permission-mongodb Permission handling for Laravel 5.2 and up using mongodb
759 184 matthewbdaly/laravel-etag-middleware A Laravel middleware for adding ETags to HTTP requests to improve response times
760 184 justbetter/laravel-pagination-with-havings Makes it possible to use pagination with havings in queries.
761 184 graham-campbell/binput Binput Is An Input Protector For Laravel
762 184 dirape/token Unique Token Generator For Laravel
763 184 anchu/ftp A simple Laravel 7 ftp service provider
764 184 akaunting/laravel-firewall Web Application Firewall (WAF) package for Laravel
765 183 timgws/query-builder-parser Build complex Eloquent & QueryBuilder queries automatically when using jQuery-QueryBuilder
766 183 rappasoft/laravel-authentication-log Log user authentication details and send new device notifications.
767 182 optimistdigital/nova-table-field Table field for Laravel Nova
768 180 ynacorp/nova-swatches A beautiful color picking field for Laravel Nova.
769 180 insenseanalytics/nova-bar-metrics A Laravel Nova tool for bar chart metrics and frequency distributions.
770 179 maartenstaa/laravel-41-route-caching This package allows you to cache your routes definitions, thereby speeding up each request.
771 177 kirschbaum-development/nova-inline-relationship A Laravel Nova field for displaying relationship properties inline.
772 177 guratr/nova-command-runner Laravel Nova tool for running Artisan commands.
773 176 onecentlin/laravel-adminer Laravel Adminer Database Manager
774 176 cviebrock/image-validator Custom Laravel Validator for image dimensions - abandoned since these are now built in to Laravel 5.2 and later
775 175 rob-lester-jr04/eloquent-sales-force An eloquent model data source for Salesforce
776 175 klepak/nova-multiselect-filter Multiselect filter for Laravel Nova
777 174 watson/bootstrap-form Laravel 5 form wrappers for Bootstrap 3.
778 173 vinelab/http An http library developed for the laravel framework. aliases itself as HttpClient
779 173 nemrutco/nova-global-filter This package allows you to broadcast any of your existing Laravel Nova filters to metrics or custom cards.
780 172 chriskonnertz/open-graph Class that assists in building Open Graph meta tags
781 171 superlatif/nova-tag-input Tag input field for Laravel Nova.
782 171 rcknr/nova-multiselect-filter A Laravel Nova filter that allows multiple selection.
783 171 hesto/multi-auth Multi Auth for Laravel
784 169 queueworker/sansdaemon Batch process Laravel Queue without a daemon; Processes queue jobs and kills the process
785 169 philperusse/nova-tooltip-field A Laravel Nova field.
786 169 novius/laravel-nova-order-nestedset-field A Laravel Nova field that make your resources orderable
787 169 laravel-doctrine/acl Doctrine ACL for Doctrine 2 and Laravel 7
788 169 koss-shtukert/laravel-nova-select2-auto-complete A Laravel Nova field.
789 168 sven/artisan-view Manage your views in Laravel projects through artisan
790 168 laravel-validation-rules/phone Validate that a phone number is in the correct format
791 167 olssonm/identity-number Laravel validator for Swedish personal identity numbers / social security numbers (personnummer)
792 167 mrmonat/nova-translatable A Laravel Nova field for spatie/laravel-translatable.
793 167 laravel-doctrine/fluent A fluent PHP mapping driver for Doctrine2.
794 167 joggapp/laravel-google-translate Laravel package for the Google Translate API
795 167 illuminated/db-profiler Database Profiler for Laravel Web and Console Applications.
796 166 subfission/cas Adds CAS support to Laravel 5.x, 6.x, 7.x & 8.x
797 165 rinvex/laravel-categories Rinvex Categories is a polymorphic Laravel package, for category management. You can categorize any eloquent model with ease, and utilize the power of Nested Sets, and the awesomeness of Sluggable, and Translatable models out of the box.
798 165 mbarwick83/shorty Google Url Shortener API Package for Laravel 5.1
799 165 illuminatech/multipart-middleware 'multipart/form-data' parser middleware for Laravel
800 164 typicms/nestablecollection A Laravel Package that extends Collection to handle unlimited nested items following adjacency list model.
801 164 jailtonsc/laravel-response-xml Add the method xml integrating the laravel's response, converting eloquent return to XML.
802 164 consoletvs/invoices Generate PDF invoices for your customers in laravel
803 163 spatie/nova-tail-tool A Laravel Nova tool to display the application log.
804 161 spatie/laravel-markdown A highly configurable markdown renderer and Blade component for Laravel
805 161 mattkingshott/axiom A package that provides a library of reusable Laravel validation rules.
806 160 verschuur/laravel-robotstxt Set the robots.txt content dynamically based on the Laravel app environment.
807 160 smartins/passport-multiauth Add support to multi-auth on Laravel Passport
808 160 qoraiche/laravel-mail-editor Laravel Mailable Editor
809 160 michielfb/laravel-nova-time-field A Laravel Nova field.
810 160 iben12/laravel-statable Statable trait for Laravel Eloquent models
811 160 cybercog/laravel-optimus An Optimus bridge for Laravel. Id obfuscation based on Knuth's multiplicative hashing method.
812 159 shiftonelabs/laravel-cascade-deletes Adds application level cascading deletes to Eloquent Models.
813 158 spatie/laravel-google-cloud-storage Google Cloud Storage filesystem driver for Laravel
814 156 sebdesign/artisan-cloudflare Laravel artisan commands for Cloudflare
815 156 illuminated/helper-functions Laravel-specific and pure PHP Helper Functions.
816 155 saintsystems/nova-linkable-metrics Linkable metrics for Laravel Nova.
817 155 renoki-co/php-k8s Control your Kubernetes clusters with this PHP-based Kubernetes client. It supports any form of authentication, the exec API, and it has an easy implementation for CRDs.
818 154 statikbe/laravel-cookie-consent Cookie consent modal for EU
819 154 magentron/laravel-blade-lint Laravel Blade Lint console command
820 153 dmitrybubyakin/nova-medialibrary-field Laravel Nova field for managing the Spatie media library.
821 153 askedio/laravel5-profanity-filter A Vendor Package Example
822 151 laracrafts/laravel-url-shortener Powerful URL shortening tools in Laravel
823 151 appstract/nova-horizon Horizon statistics in Nova
824 150 nunomaduro/laravel-console-dusk Laravel Console Dusk allows the usage of Laravel Dusk in Laravel/Laravel Zero artisan commands.
825 150 napp/xray-laravel AWS X-Ray for Laravel applications.
826 149 petercoles/multilingual-language-list Lookup Objects for Language Names and Codes
827 149 jenssegers/mongodb-session A MongoDB session driver for Laravel 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8
828 149 duncan3dc/blade Use Laravel Blade templates without the full Laravel framework
829 148 based/laravel-typescript Transform Laravel models into TypeScript interfaces
830 147 marvinlabs/laravel-luhn Luhn algorithm for Laravel
831 147 maatwebsite/laravel-sidebar A sidebar builder for Laravel
832 144 zgldh/qiniu-laravel-storage Qiniu Resource (Cloud) Storage SDK for Laravel 5
833 144 inspheric/nova-defaultable Default values for Nova fields when creating resources and running resource actions.
834 144 gloudemans/shoppingcart Laravel Shoppingcart
835 143 spatie/ignition A beautiful error page for PHP applications.
836 143 thedoctor0/laravel-mailjet-driver Laravel mail driver package for Mailjet and wrapper for its API. Supports Laravel 5.x, 6.x, 7.x. and 8.x
837 142 pmatseykanets/laravel-scout-postgres PostgreSQL Full Text Search Driver for Laravel Scout
838 142 facade/ignition-self-diagnosis Perform self diagnosis checks within your Ignition error page
839 141 stechstudio/laravel-ssh-tunnel Easy creation & maintenance of an SSH Tunnel for Laravel/Lumen
840 140 tightenco/duster Automatic configuration for Laravel apps to apply Tighten's standard linting & code standards.
841 139 spatie/laravel-mail-preview A mail driver to quickly preview mail
842 139 reedware/laravel-relation-joins Adds the ability to join on a relationship by name.
843 139 nitmedia/wkhtml2pdf Html 2 Pdf - using wkhtml2pdf, work on 32bit and 64 bit linux + MacOS
844 138 yoeunes/notify toastr.js, pnotify.js flush notifications for Laravel 5, 6, 7, 8 and Lumen
845 138 publiux/laravelcdn Content Delivery Network (CDN) Package for Laravel
846 138 laravel-frontend-presets/material-dashboard Laravel 5.x Front-end preset for material dashboard
847 138 joselfonseca/laravel-tactician Laravel implementation of the Tactician Command Bus
848 138 jeroen-g/explorer Next-gen Elasticsearch driver for Laravel Scout.
849 138 infyomlabs/coreui-templates CoreUI templates for InfyOm Laravel Generator
850 138 fadion/fixerio Wrapper for Fixer.io
851 137 stolz/assets An ultra-simple-to-use assets management library
852 137 dcat/laravel-wherehasin Laravel ORM whereHasIn
853 136 cohensive/embed Media Embed (for Laravel or as a standalone).
854 134 renoki-co/laravel-aws-webhooks Easy webhook handler for Laravel to catch AWS SNS notifications for various services.
855 134 orchid/socket Laravel library for asynchronously serving WebSockets.
856 134 mdixon18/fontawesome A FontAwesome Nova field.
857 133 sebbmeyer/laravel-teams-connector Microsoft Teams Connector for Laravel 5/6
858 133 backpack/backupmanager Admin interface for managing backups in Backpack, on Laravel 5.2+
859 132 santigraviano/laravel-mercadopago Mercado Pago SDK v0.5.2 for Laravel
860 132 orchestra/support Support Component for Orchestra Platform
861 132 dniccum/phone-number A Laravel Nova phone number field with input masking and validation support.
862 131 webklex/laravel-pdfmerger Generic PDF merger for Laravel
863 131 watson/aggregate Extend Laravel's query builder with additional relation aggregates.
864 131 sourcetoad/soapy A Soap Client built for Laravel.
865 131 dillingham/nova-grouped-field Combine Nova fields into one output
866 130 sadekd/nova-opening-hours-field Laravel Nova custom field for Spatie Opening Hours
867 130 lakshmaji/thumbnail Thumbnails for videos
868 130 genealabs/nova-map-marker-field A Laravel Nova field.
869 129 appointer/swaggervel A great way to integrate Swagger into Laravel
870 128 shanmuga/laravel-entrust This package provides a flexible solution to add ACL to Laravel
871 128 nuwber/rabbitevents Laravel back-to-back broadcasting events. It uses RabbitMQ as the transport.
872 128 codegreencreative/laravel-samlidp Make your PHP Laravel application an Idenification Provider using SAML 2.0. This package allows you to implement your own Identification Provider (idP) using the SAML 2.0 standard to be used with supporting SAML 2.0 Service Providers (SP).
873 127 numaxlab/nova-ckeditor5-classic A Laravel Nova CKEditor5 Classic Field.
874 127 genert/bbcode BBCode parser from or to HTML.
875 126 ytake/laravel-smarty Smarty template engine for Laravel and Lumen
876 126 kra8/laravel-snowflake Snowflake for Laravel and Lumen.
877 126 barryvdh/laravel-stack-middleware Stack Middleware for Laravel 5
878 125 barryvdh/laravel-form-bridge This packages integrates Symfony Form Component in Laravel.
879 124 jameslkingsley/nova-stripe-theme A Laravel Nova theme closely resembling Stripe.
880 124 creitive/laravel5-breadcrumbs Breadcrumbs integration for Laravel 5
881 122 rinvex/laravel-cacheable Rinvex Cacheable is a granular, intuitive, and fluent caching system for eloquent models. Simple, but yet powerful, plug-n-play with no hassle.
882 122 kodeine/laravel-meta Fluent Meta Data for Eloquent Models, as if it is a property on your model.
883 122 bosnadev/repositories Laravel Repositories
884 121 laravel-validation-rules/colour Validate colours
885 120 mtownsend/request-xml The missing XML support for Laravel's Request class.
886 120 longman/laravel-lodash Add more functional to Laravel >=5.5
887 119 wilgucki/csv Laravel 5 package for writing and reading CSV files
888 119 tightenco/nova-google-analytics Google Analytics integration with Nova
889 119 radic/blade-extensions Laravel package providing additional Blade extensions: foreach (with $loop data like twig), break, continue, set,array (multiline), etc
890 118 rinvex/laravel-addresses Rinvex Addresses is a polymorphic Laravel package, for addressbook management. You can add addresses to any eloquent model with ease.
891 118 qcod/laravel-gamify Add gamification in laravel app with reputation point and badges support
892 118 optimistdigital/nova-page-manager Page(s) and region(s) manager for Laravel Nova.
893 118 olssonm/l5-zxcvbn Implementation of the zxcvbn project by @dropbox for Laravel. Uses zxcvbn-php by @bjeavons.
894 118 anandsiddharth/laravel-paytm-wallet Integrate paytm wallet easily with this package. This package uses official Paytm PHP SDK's
895 116 salmanzafar/laravel-mqtt A simple Laravel Library to connect/publish/subscribe to MQTT broker
896 116 php-mqtt/laravel-client A wrapper for the php-mqtt/client library for Laravel.
897 116 mpyw/laravel-cached-database-stickiness Guarantee database stickiness over the same user's consecutive requests
898 116 marvinrabe/laravel-graphql-test Provides you with a simple GraphQL testing trait.
899 115 vinkla/instagram An easy-to-use and simple Instagram package
900 115 recca0120/laravel-tracy A Laravel Package to integrate Nette Tracy Debugger
901 115 kodeine/laravel-acl Light-weight role-based permissions for Laravel 5 built in Auth system.
902 115 hekmatinasser/verta This Package helps developers to work with Jalali Datetime class for Laravel Framework PHP
903 115 cyber-duck/laravel-excel This package provides a way to export an Eloquent collection as an excel file and to import a Excel file as an Eloquent collection.
904 115 barryvdh/laravel-httpcache HttpCache for Laravel 5
905 114 silvanite/nova-field-place An exhanced replacement Place field type to include additional latitude and longitude
906 114 pragmarx/artisan-tool Brings Artisan to Nova
907 114 michielkempen/nova-polymorphic-field A Laravel Nova field container allowing to depend on other fields values
908 114 jackiedo/log-reader An easy log reader and management tool for Laravel
909 114 grofgraf/laravel-pdf-merger Package for Laravel that merges multiple PDFs into one.
910 114 cartalyst/sentry PHP 5.3+ Fully-featured Authentication & Authorization System
911 113 wire-elements/spotlight Livewire component that provides Spotlight/Alfred-like functionality to your Laravel application.
912 113 tzsk/otp OTP Generator and Verifier without database
913 113 nickurt/laravel-postcodeapi Universal PostcodeApi for Laravel 6.x/7.x/8.x
914 112 vinkla/algolia An Algolia bridge for Laravel
915 111 spatie/laravel-ignition A beautiful error page for Laravel applications.
916 111 sopamo/laravel-filepond Laravel backend module for filepond uploads
917 111 shakurov/coinbase Laravel wrapper for the Coinbase Commerce API
918 111 protonemedia/laravel-form-components Blade components to rapidly build forms with Tailwind CSS Custom Forms and Bootstrap 4.
919 111 ohdearapp/nova-ohdear-tool A Laravel Nova tool to display the application log.
920 110 unisharp/laravel-settings Persistent settings manager for laravel, translations are supported.
921 110 mjarestad/filtry Filter and sanitize input data in Laravel 4/5 or as a standalone package.
922 110 mad-web/nova-horizon-link Smart Link for Laravel Nova to Horizon Dashboard.
923 110 hekmatinasser/notowo This Package helps developers change number to word for all language on Laravel freamwork PHP
924 110 arubacao/asset-cdn Serve Laravel Assets from a Content Delivery Network (CDN)
925 109 rakutentech/laravel-request-docs Automatically generate Laravel docs from request rules, controllers and routes
926 109 munafio/chatify A package for Laravel PHP Framework to add a complete real-time chat system.
927 109 digital-creative/nova-mega-filter Allows you to control the columns and filters shown on your nova resources.
928 108 thenextweb/passgenerator A Laravel package to create Apple Wallet (old Passbook) compatible tickets.
929 108 artem-schander/l5-modular Modular pattern generator for Laravel
930 107 spatie/activitylog A very simple activity logger to monitor the users of your website or application
931 107 gecche/laravel-multidomain Laravel App on a subdomains, multi-tenancy setting
932 107 davidhsianturi/laravel-compass An elegant REST assistent for the Laravel framework.
933 106 rackbeat/laravel-ui-avatars Official Laravel wrapper around ui-avatars.com and LasseRafn/php-initial-avatar-generator
934 106 mvanduijker/laravel-transactional-model-events Add eloquent model events fired after a transaction is committed or rolled back
935 106 masterro/laravel-xss-filter Filter user input for XSS but don't touch other html
936 106 francescomalatesta/laravel-feature A simple package to manage feature flagging in a Laravel project.
937 105 rickycezar/laravel-jwt-impersonate Laravel Impersonate is a plugin that allows to you to authenticate as your users.
938 103 tjphippen/docusign DocuSign Rest API Wrapper for Laravel.
939 103 sausin/laravel-ovh OVH Object Storage driver for laravel
940 103 fenos/notifynder Management system of internal notifications for Laravel 5.*
941 103 barryvdh/laravel-omnipay Omnipay Service Provider for Laravel
942 102 zgabievi/promocodes Promotional Codes Generator for Laravel 5
943 102 viewflex/zoap For quickly deploying SOAP services in Laravel and Lumen, with auto-discovery of WSDL definitions.
944 102 tucker-eric/laravel-xml-middleware A Laravel Middleware to accept XML requests
945 102 tomgrohl/laravel4-php71-encrypter Laravel 4.2 Encrypter for PHP 7.1+
946 102 mpbarlow/laravel-queue-debouncer A wrapper job for debouncing other queue jobs.
947 101 understand/understand-laravel Laravel 5, 6, 7 and 8 service provider for Understand.io
948 101 tpetry/laravel-postgresql-enhanced Support for many missing PostgreSQL specific features
949 101 maqe/laravel-sqs-fifo Laravel package that enables support for SQS FIFO Queue
950 101 laracademy/generators This package will generate a Laravel Model based on your database table itself, filling in the required fields automatically.
951 101 f9webltd/laravel-api-response-helpers A super simple package allowing for consistent API responses throughout your Laravel application
952 100 ufirst/lang-import-export A Laravel package providing artisan commands to import and export language files from and to CSV.
953 100 jpkleemans/attribute-events 🔥 Fire events on attribute changes of your Eloquent model
954 99 renoki-co/octane-exporter Export Laravel Octane metrics using this Prometheus exporter.
955 99 fsasvari/laravel-trailing-slash Adds redirection with trailing slash in Laravel.
956 99 austintoddj/canvas A Laravel publishing platform
957 99 analogue/orm An intuitive Data Mapper ORM for PHP and Laravel
958 98 wangju/ding-notice a dingtalk robot message handle for send message
959 98 teepluss/theme Theme will help you organize your themes inside Laravel projects easily and maintain its related assets, layouts and partials for the theme in single directory.
960 98 oriceon/toastr-5-laravel Easy toastr notifications for Laravel 5
961 98 laravolt/indonesia Package Laravel yang berisi data Provinsi, Kabupaten/Kota, Kecamatan, dan Keluarahan/Desa di seluruh Indonesia.
962 98 akaunting/laravel-language Language switcher package for Laravel
963 96 timacdonald/has-parameters A trait that allows you to pass arguments to Laravel middleware in a more PHP'ish way.
964 96 supliu/laravel-query-monitor Laravel Query Monitor
965 96 patricktalmadge/bootstrapper Twitter Bootstrap markup generator
966 96 chinleung/laravel-multilingual-routes A package to register multilingual routes.
967 96 benjamincrozat/laravel-dropbox-driver Dropbox driver for Laravel.
968 95 vsmoraes/laravel-pdf DOMPDF module for Laravel 5
969 95 marshmallow/nova-styling A Responsive Laravel Nova Marshmallow Theme based on 'A Responsive Laravel Nova theme'.
970 95 loginradius/php-sdk LoginRadius PHP SDK v11.1.0
971 94 whitecube/nova-page Static pages content management for Laravel Nova
972 94 socialiteproviders/weibo weibo.com OAuth2 Provider for Laravel Socialite
973 94 socialiteproviders/qq Qq.com OAuth2 Provider for Laravel Socialite
974 94 skydiver/laravel-route-blocker Block routes by IP
975 94 pecee/simple-router Simple, fast PHP router that is easy to get integrated and in almost any project. Heavily inspired by the Laravel router.
976 94 neurony/laravel-duplicate Duplicate any Eloquent model along with its underlying relationships
977 94 kingflamez/laravelrave A Laravel 5 Package for Flutterwave Rave
978 94 joelbutcher/laravel-archivable An archivable trait package for Laravel Eloquent models
979 94 jasonlam604/stringizer Stringizer is a PHP string manipulation library with support for method chaining and multibyte handling
980 94 jackabox/nova-duplicate-field A Laravel Nova field to duplicate records.
981 94 gijsg/system-resources A Laravel Nova card.
982 94 arsenaltech/nova-tab A Laravel Nova field.
983 93 torann/hashids Laravel package for Hashids
984 93 pragmarx/datatables Server-side handler of DataTables Jquery Plugin for Laravel 4
985 93 crocodicstudio/crudbooster CRUDBooster Is CRUD Generator Based On Laravel Easy To Make An Advanced Backend
986 93 cretueusebiu/valet-windows A more enjoyable local development experience for Windows.
987 93 bakerkretzmar/nova-settings-tool A Laravel Nova tool to manage application settings.
988 92 unlu/laravel-api-query-builder Laravel API Query Builder Package.
989 92 tom-lingham/searchy Laravel Searchy makes user driven searching easy with fuzzy search, basic string matching, Levenshtein Distance and more.
990 92 socialiteproviders/weixin Weixin OAuth2 Provider for Laravel Socialite
991 92 jildertmiedema/laravel-plupload Laravel 5/Plupload - Handle large file uploads
992 91 viacreative/sudo-su A utility package for logging in as other users
993 91 misterphilip/maintenance-mode An enhanced drop-in replacement for Laravel's maintenance mode
994 91 chencha/share Share links with Laravel 5/6
995 90 renoki-co/horizon-exporter Export Laravel Horizon metrics using this Prometheus exporter.
996 90 victorybiz/geoip-location Get the geographical location of website visitors based on their IP addresses. Support Laravel and PHP (Non-Laravel) Project.
997 90 ovac/idoc Generate beautiful API documentation from your Laravel application
998 90 infyomlabs/laravel-ui-adminlte Laravel frontend preset for AdminLTE Theme
999 90 haruncpi/laravel-user-activity Monitor user activity easily!
1,000 89 themsaid/wink Wink Publishing Framework.
1,001 88 cerbero/query-filters Filter Laravel Eloquent models based on query parameters.
1,002 88 astrotomic/ignition-stackoverflow A tab that fetches stackoverflow questions
1,003 87 laravel-notification-channels/smsc-ru SmscRu Notifications channel for Laravel 5.3.
1,004 87 jenssegers/rollbar Rollbar error monitoring integration for Laravel projects
1,005 86 squareboat/sneaker An easy way to send emails with stack trace whenever an exception occurs on the server for Laravel Applications.
1,006 86 sofa/revisionable Nice and easy way to handle revisions of your db.
1,007 86 laravel-frontend-presets/argon Laravel 8.x Front-end preset for argon
1,008 86 lab404/laravel-auth-checker Laravel Auth Checker allows you to log users authentication, devices authenticated from and lock intrusions.
1,009 85 rodenastyle/stream-parser PHP Multiformat Streaming Parser
1,010 85 rennokki/elasticscout Elasticsearch driver for Laravel Scout.
1,011 84 zachflower/ignorable-observers Dynamically disable/enable Laravel's Eloquent model observers
1,012 84 vemcogroup/laravel-translation Translation package for Laravel to scan for localisations and up/download to poeditor
1,013 84 pragmarx/tracker A Laravel Visitor Tracker
1,014 84 juststeveking/laravel-transporter Transporter is a futuristic way to send API requests in PHP. This is an OOP approach to handle API requests.
1,015 84 jedrzej/sortable Sortable trait for Laravel's Eloquent models - sort your models using request parameters
1,016 84 balping/laravel-hashslug Package providing a trait to use Hashids on a model
1,017 83 vinkla/pusher [DEPRECATED] A Pusher bridge for Laravel
1,018 83 scottybo/laravel-google-my-business A package for Laravel which implements the Google My Business API
1,019 83 qcod/laravel-settings Store key value pair in database as settings
1,020 83 mohammad-fouladgar/eloquent-builder -
1,021 83 httpoz/roles Powerful package for handling roles and permissions in Laravel 5.3.
1,022 83 gazsp/baum Baum is an implementation of the Nested Set pattern for Eloquent models.
1,023 83 cybercog/laravel-love Make Laravel Eloquent models reactable with any type of emotions in a minutes!
1,024 82 rap2hpoutre/laravel-credit-card-validator Laravel credit card validator
1,025 82 medz/laravel-jpush-notification-channel JPush for Laravel notification channel
1,026 82 dmitry-ivanov/dark-sky-api PHP Library for the Dark Sky API.
1,027 81 torann/laravel-meta-tags A package to manage Header Meta Tags
1,028 81 ryangjchandler/blade-tabler-icons A package to easily make use of Tabler icons in your Laravel Blade views.
1,029 80 watson/autologin Autologin package for Laravel
1,030 80 percymamedy/laravel-dev-booter Boost your Laravel app by registering Prod services only on Prod.
1,031 80 invisnik/laravel-steam-auth Laravel Steam Auth
1,032 80 edujugon/laradoo Odoo ERP API for Laravel
1,033 79 musonza/chat Chat Package for Laravel
1,034 79 landish/pagination Laravel 5 Custom Pagination Presenter
1,035 79 freshwork/chilean-bundle A PHP composer package with Chilean validations, common variables, etc. (RUT, IVA, ETC). Ready for Laravel 5. Grande chile ctm :)
1,036 79 claudiodekker/inertia-laravel-testing Testing helpers for https://github.com/inertiajs/inertia-laravel
1,037 79 arondeparon/laravel-request-sanitizer An easy to use request sanitizer that allows you to sanitize your form data before validating it.
1,038 78 vinkla/facebook A Facebook bridge for Laravel
1,039 78 rap2hpoutre/similar-text-finder Fuzzy Search, similar text finder: "Did you mean `foo` ?"
1,040 78 imanghafoori/laravel-masterpass A minimal yet powerful package to help you easily impersonate your users.
1,041 78 artdarek/oauth-4-laravel OAuth Service Provider for Laravel 4
1,042 77 yish/generators This package extends the core file generators that are included with Laravel 5 or later.
1,043 77 merujan99/laravel-video-embed Laravel Package for dereuromark/MediaEmbed With Thumbnail
1,044 77 indatus/dispatcher Schedule your artisan commands within your application's source code
1,045 77 christiankuri/laravel-favorite Allows Laravel Eloquent models to implement a 'favorite' or 'remember' or 'follow' feature.
1,046 76 usernotnull/tall-toasts A Toast notification library for the Laravel TALL stack. You can push notifications from the backend or frontend to render customizable toasts with almost zero footprint on the published CSS/JS!
1,047 76 razorpay/slack A simple PHP package for sending messages to Slack, with a focus on ease of use and elegant syntax.
1,048 76 jaspaul/laravel-rollout A package to integrate rollout into your Laravel project.
1,049 76 cloudstudio/resource-generator Resource Generator for Laravel Nova
1,050 76 backpack/langfilemanager An interface to edit language files, for Laravel Backpack.
1,051 75 vinelab/url-shortener URL shortening the easy way.
1,052 75 sfelix-martins/json-exception-handler Adds more power to Laravel Exceptions Handler to treat json responses
1,053 75 junaidnasir/larainvite Laravel Invitation package, existing users can invite others by email
1,054 74 palanik/lumen-cors Cross-origin resource sharing (CORS) middleware for Lumen micro-framework.
1,055 74 jubeki/nova-card-linkable A Laravel Nova card, which has a link
1,056 74 glhd/aire Modern Laravel form builder. Remembers old input, retrieves error messages and comes with beautiful Tailwind-based markup out of the box.
1,057 73 stuyam/laravel-phone-validator A phone validator for Laravel using the free Twilio phone lookup service.
1,058 73 nayjest/grids Grids for Laravel 4 & Laravel 5 frameworks
1,059 73 hubertnnn/laravel-nova-field-dynamic-select A Laravel Nova field.
1,060 73 folklore/graphql Facebook GraphQL for Laravel
1,061 73 digitalcloud/multilingual-nova 💪 Multilingual Nova (using default nova fields)
1,062 73 caffeinated/shinobi Laravel Roles and Permissions
1,063 73 botman/tinker BotMan tinker command for your Laravel BotMan project
1,064 73 abrigham/laravel-email-exceptions Email Exceptions from your laravel application
1,065 72 sngrl/sphinxsearch Laravel package to query Sphinxsearch in Laravel 5
1,066 72 roumen/feed Laravelium Feed package for Laravel.
1,067 72 laravelrus/sleepingowl Administrative interface builder for Laravel.
1,068 72 crestapps/laravel-code-generator An intelligent code generator for Laravel framework that will save you time! This awesome tool will help you generate resources like views, controllers, routes, migrations, languages and/or form-requests! It is extremely flexible and customizable to cover many on the use cases. It is shipped with cross-browsers compatible template, along with a client-side validation to modernize your application.
1,069 71 wn/lumen-generators A collection of generators for Lumen and Laravel 5.
1,070 71 sbine/route-viewer A Laravel Nova tool to view your registered routes.
1,071 71 jedrzej/searchable Searchable trait for Laravel's Eloquent models - filter your models using request parameters
1,072 70 pishran/nova-rtl-theme RTL layout for Laravel Nova.
1,073 70 multicaret/laravel-unifonic A library to integrate with Unifonic API to send SMS
1,074 70 bnmetrics/laravel-shopify-api Shopify API wrapper for laravel
1,075 70 awssat/laravel-visits Laravel Redis visits counter for Eloquent models
1,076 70 akaunting/language Language switcher package for Laravel
1,077 69 toin0u/geotools-laravel Geo-related tools PHP library for Laravel 4 & 5
1,078 69 tapp/laravel-airtable Laravel Airtable SDK
1,079 69 protonemedia/laravel-analytics-event-tracking Laravel package to easily send events to Google Analytics
1,080 69 edvinaskrucas/notification Package for Laravel for helping to manage flash / instant notifications / messages.
1,081 69 akaunting/firewall Web Application Firewall (WAF) package for Laravel
1,082 68 spatie/laravel-paginateroute Laravel outer extension to easily use laravel's paginator without the query string
1,083 67 spinen/laravel-discourse-sso Integrate Discourse SSO into Laravel.
1,084 67 lesichkovm/laravel-advanced-route Advanced route class for Laravel - restoring implicit controllers to the framework.
1,085 67 kreitje/nova-horizon-stats A Laravel Nova card.
1,086 67 danielme85/laravel-cconverter Laravel 5 plug-in for currency conversion
1,087 66 sleimanx2/plastic Plastic is an Elasticsearch ODM and mapper for Laravel. It renders the developer experience more enjoyable while using Elasticsearch by providing a fluent syntax for mapping , querying and storing eloquent models.
1,088 66 rennokki/befriended Eloquent Befriended brings social media-like features like following, blocking and filtering content based on following or blocked models.
1,089 66 qirolab/laravel-themer A Laravel theme manager, that will help you organize and maintain your themes inside Laravel projects.
1,090 66 ptondereau/laravel-ups-api A small Laravel's wrapper for the PHP UPS API library
1,091 66 evilfreelancer/routeros-api-php Modern Mikrotik RouterOS API PHP client for your applications (with Laravel support)
1,092 65 socialiteproviders/weixin-web Weixin-Web OAuth2 Provider for Laravel Socialite
1,093 65 pixelpeter/laravel5-woocommerce-api-client Laravel 5 wrapper for the Woocommerce REST API
1,094 65 olimortimer/laravelshoppingcart Laravel Shoppingcart
1,095 65 marquine/php-etl Extract, Transform and Load data using PHP.
1,096 65 hocza/sendy Sendy API implementation for Laravel
1,097 64 themsaid/nova-cashier-manager Managing Stripe subscriptions inside the incredible Laravel Nova admin panel.
1,098 64 nwidart/laravel-menus Laravel Menu management
1,099 64 beyondcode/nova-custom-dashboard-card A Laravel Nova dashboard card that allows you to build custom dashboards.
1,100 63 highideas/laravel-users-online This package will provide an online users management.
1,101 63 dillingham/nova-id-link Links the ID field in Nova
1,102 62 torchlight/torchlight-laravel A Laravel Client for Torchlight, the syntax highlighting API.
1,103 62 razorpay/slack-laravel Laravel 4 and 5 integration for the razorpay/slack package, including facades and service providers.
1,104 62 pmatseykanets/artisan-beans Easily manage your Beanstalkd job queues right from the Laravel artisan command
1,105 62 encore/redis-manager Redis manager for laravel
1,106 62 caffeinated/menus Laravel Menus
1,107 62 bllim/datatables Server-side handler of DataTables Jquery Plugin for Laravel 4
1,108 61 wemersonrv/input-mask A Laravel Nova custom field text with masks on input
1,109 61 darrylkuhn/dialect Provides JSON datatype support for the Eloquent ORM
1,110 61 acacha/helpers Extra helpers for Laravel
1,111 60 yemenifree/laravel-arabic-numbers-middleware auto transforms arabic/eastern to eastern/arabic numbers for i.e ١٢٣٤٥٦٧٨ to 12345678
1,112 60 orchestra/imagine Imagine (Wrapper) Component for Laravel
1,113 60 libern/qr-code-reader Simple PHP QR Code Reader / Decoder
1,114 60 krossroad/laravel-union-paginator Package to support pagination in union queries in Laravel Eloquent.
1,115 60 cpriego/valet-linux A more enjoyable local development experience for Linux.
1,116 60 christofferok/laravel-emojione Laravel helper for EmojiOne
1,117 59 tanthammar/tall-forms A dynamic, responsive Laravel Livewire form generator with realtime validation, file uploads, array fields, and more.
1,118 59 robbrazier/piwik Piwik Package for Laravel
1,119 59 markhilton/monolog-mysql Laravel 8 MySQL driver for Monolog
1,120 59 jansenfelipe/utils Uma simples classe utilitária com métodos que podem salvar sua vida (ou não)
1,121 59 internachi/modular Modularize your Laravel apps
1,122 58 propaganistas/laravel-fakeid Automatic ID obfuscation for Eloquent models.
1,123 58 liran-co/laravel-notification-subscriptions Notification subscription management.
1,124 58 jcf/geocode Google Geocoding API for Laravel
1,125 58 graham-campbell/bitbucket Bitbucket Is A Bitbucket Bridge For Laravel
1,126 58 designmynight/laravel-mongodb-passport A package to allow laravel/passport use with jenssegers/laravel-mongodb
1,127 58 alexpechkarev/google-geocoder Simple Google Geocoding API v3 wrapper for Laravel 4/5, Slim3 etc
1,128 57 guilhermegonzaga/presenter Implementation for Laravel of the presenter design pattern.
1,129 57 cartalyst/converter A framework agnostic measurement conversion and formatting package featuring multiple types of measurements and currency conversion.
1,130 56 renoki-co/laravel-healthchecks Laravel Healthchecks is a simple controller class that helps you build your own healthchecks endpoint without issues.
1,131 55 riskihajar/terbilang Convert number & date to words in any language for Laravel 4 and above
1,132 55 mtolhuys/laravel-schematics A interface to help you build your models
1,133 54 jimmyjs/laravel-report-generator Rapidly Generate Simple Pdf & Excel Report on Laravel 5 (Using Barryvdh/DomPdf or Barryvdh/laravel-snappy & maatwebsite/excel)
1,134 54 hootlex/laravel-friendships This package gives Eloquent models the ability to manage their friendships.
1,135 53 ylsideas/subscribable-notifications A Laravel package for adding unsubscribe links to notifications
1,136 53 qcod/laravel-app-settings A package with UI to store and manage all the settings for your application
1,137 53 gathercontent/laravel-fractal A Laravel Service Provider for Fractal
1,138 53 codedge/laravel-selfupdater Providing an auto-updating functionality for your self-hosted Laravel application.
1,139 52 pcinaglia/laraupdater LaraUpdater allows your Laravel Application to auto-update itself.
1,140 52 creolab/laravel-modules Application specific modules in Laravel 4
1,141 52 cooperl/laravel-db2 laravel-db2 is a simple DB2 service provider for Laravel. It provides DB2 Connection by extending the Illuminate Database component of the laravel framework.
1,142 51 qcod/laravel-imageup Auto Image upload, resize and crop for Laravel eloquent model using Intervention image
1,143 51 nasyrov/laravel-enums Laravel package for Enum implementation.
1,144 51 gluedev/laravel-stackdriver Enables logging, tracing and error reporting to Google Stackdriver for the Laravel framework
1,145 50 zonneplan/laravel-module-loader Module loader for Laravel
1,146 50 weblagence/laravel-facebook-pixel Facebook Pixel integration for Laravel
1,147 50 ucan-lab/laravel-dacapo Laravel migration support tools
1,148 50 lokielse/omnipay-unionpay UnionPay gateway for Omnipay payment processing library
1,149 50 givebutter/laravel-keyable Add API keys to your Laravel models
1,150 49 zizaco/confide Confide is an authentication solution for Laravel 4
1,151 49 yadahan/nova-bouncer A Laravel Nova tool for managing Bouncer roles and abilities.
1,152 49 nsavinov/nova-json-schema-field A Laravel Nova field for JSON Schema
1,153 49 laravie/html HTML and Form Builders for the Laravel Framework
1,154 49 imanghafoori/laravel-widgetize A minimal yet powerful package to give a better structure and caching opportunity for your laravel apps.
1,155 49 generationtux/jwt-artisan JWT auth package for Laravel and Lumen
1,156 48 zofe/rapyd crud widgets for laravel, to make an admin in few lines of code
1,157 48 spekkionu/laravel-zend-acl Adds ACL to Laravel via Laminas\Permissions\Acl component.
1,158 48 ronasit/laravel-swagger Provided middleware for generating of swagger-documentation file by run testing of RESTful API.
1,159 48 nickurt/laravel-akismet Akismet for Laravel 6.x/7.x/8.x
1,160 48 jasonlewis/resource-watcher Simple PHP resource watcher library.
1,161 48 ignasbernotas/laravel-model-generator Laravel 5 model generator from existing schema
1,162 48 graham-campbell/htmlmin HTMLMin Is A Simple HTML Minifier For Laravel 5
1,163 48 appzcoder/laravel-admin Laravel Admin Panel
1,164 47 ytake/laravel-aspect Aspect Oriented Programming library for laravel framework, and lumen
1,165 47 squigg/azure-queue-laravel Laravel Queue Driver for Microsoft Azure Storage Queue
1,166 47 soved/laravel-gdpr GDPR compliance with ease
1,167 47 okipa/laravel-table Generate tables from Eloquent models.
1,168 47 jedrzej/withable Withable trait for Laravel's Eloquent models
1,169 47 jedrzej/pimpable Laravel 4/5/6 package that allows to dynamically filter, sort and eager load relations for your models using request parameters
1,170 47 crockett/csv-seeder Database seeding using CSV files
1,171 46 vrajroham/laravel-bitpay BitPay wrapper for laravel
1,172 46 vinelab/cdn Content Delivery Network (CDN) Package for Laravel
1,173 46 timacdonald/json-api A Lightweight JSON:API Resource for Laravel
1,174 46 tiagomichaelsousa/laravelfilters Laravel Filters is a package that allows to filter eloquent models in a clean way.
1,175 46 ryangjchandler/orbit A flat-file database driver for Eloquent.
1,176 46 phanan/cascading-config Bringing the cascading configuration system back to Laravel 5.
1,177 46 medz/cors PHP CORS (Cross-origin resource sharing) middleware.
1,178 45 vetruvet/laravel-phpredis Use phpredis as the redis connection in Laravel
1,179 45 spatie/sheets Store & retrieve your static content in plain text files
1,180 45 shalvah/laravel-jsend Laravel helpers to easily send JSend-compliant responses
1,181 45 propaganistas/laravel-intl Easy to use internationalization functions for Laravel
1,182 45 orchestra/asset Asset Component for Orchestra Platform
1,183 45 folklore/image Image manipulation library for Laravel 5 based on Imagine and inspired by Croppa for easy url based manipulation
1,184 45 devmarketer/easynav Making managing navigation in Laravel easy.
1,185 44 watson/breadcrumbs Breadcrumbs made easy for Laravel.
1,186 44 svnwa/inertiavuepaginator :package_description
1,187 44 orchestra/tenanti Tenant based Database Schema Manager for Laravel
1,188 44 joisarjignesh/bigbluebutton BigBlueButton Server API Library for Laravel
1,189 44 joedixon/nova-translation A Laravel Nova tool.
1,190 44 jeffochoa/factory-stories Create model factory stories in Laravel 5.*
1,191 43 volosyuk/simple-eloquent Adaptation of eloquent for retrieving its attributes
1,192 43 rawilk/laravel-form-components Set of Blade components for TailwindCSS forms.
1,193 42 yii2tech/illuminate Yii2 to Laravel Migration Package
1,194 42 yajra/laravel-auditable A simple Laravel user auditing package for Eloquent Model.
1,195 42 michael/laravelpagseguro Biblioteca de integração com o gateway de pagamento PagSeguro.
1,196 42 igaster/laravel_cities Seed all countries/cities from geonames.org database. Searchable DB tree, ready to use API & a bonus vue.js component!
1,197 42 highsolutions/eloquent-sequence A Laravel package for easy creation and management sequence support for Eloquent models with elastic configuration.
1,198 42 brotzka/laravel-dotenv-editor A package for editing the .env file in your Laravel root.
1,199 41 germey/geetest Geetest Package for Laravel5
1,200 41 arcanedev/localization Localization Package for Laravel
1,201 41 approached/laravel-image-optimizer Image optimizer for laravel
1,202 40 vanilo/order Vanilo Order Module
1,203 40 vanilo/cart Vanilo Cart Module
1,204 40 sparclex/nova-import-card A card which lets you batch import resources
1,205 40 m165437/laravel-blueprint-docs API Blueprint Renderer for Laravel
1,206 40 kavist/rajaongkir Klien API PHP untuk RajaOngkir
1,207 40 jacobbennett/laravel-http2serverpush A HTTP2 Server Push Middleware for Laravel 5
1,208 40 facade/ignition-tinker-tab Use tinker on the Ignition error page
1,209 40 brianmcdo/image-palette Extracts colors from an image and generates a color palette against a whitelist of colors.
1,210 39 thujohn/analytics Google Analytics for Laravel 4
1,211 39 shiftonelabs/laravel-nomad Add extra functionality to Laravel migrations.
1,212 39 pingpong/generators Laravel Generators
1,213 39 livecontrol/eloquent-datatable Eloquent DataTable plugin for server side ajax call handling.
1,214 39 leonis/easysms-notification-channel EasySms Notification Channel for Laravel.
1,215 39 lanin/laravel-api-exceptions All in one solution for exception for JSON REST APIs on Laravel and Lumen.
1,216 38 pragmarx/zipcode A worldwide address-by-zipcode searcher.
1,217 38 pingpong/modules Laravel Modules
1,218 38 kennedytedesco/validation The power of 'Respect Validation' on Laravel.
1,219 38 chojnicki/video-platforms-parser Easy to use SDK with grabber for multiple platforms at once like YouTube, Dailymotion, Facebook and more.
1,220 37 themsaid/laravel-langman Manage language files with ease.
1,221 37 spinen/laravel-mail-assertions PHPUnit mail assertions for testing email in Laravel.
1,222 37 sonnenglas/laravel5-amazon-mws Use Amazon's MWS web services with Laravel 5.x. Based on creacoon/amazon-mws-laravel package and modified to make it compatible with latest Laravel releases (+ bugfixes).
1,223 37 cagartner/correios-consulta Package para pesquisa de serviços de busca por cep, calculo de frete e etc, diretamente nos serviços dos Correios.
1,224 36 qirolab/laravel-reactions Implement reactions (like, dislike, love, emotion etc) on Laravel Eloquent models.
1,225 36 sleeping-owl/with-join Package to convert Eloquent BelongsTo subqueries into one query with left join.
1,226 36 rinvex/laravel-authy Rinvex Authy is a simple wrapper for Authy TOTP, the best rated Two-Factor Authentication service for consumers, simplest 2fa Rest API for developers and a strong authentication platform for the enterprise.
1,227 36 harimayco/laravel-menu drag and drop menu generator like wordpress for laravel 5
1,228 36 gidlov/copycat A universal scraping tool that can be used for all kinds of data collection. You can decide from where and what you want. All with regular expression. More info on the Github page.
1,229 36 eventhomes/laravel-mandrillhooks A simple Mandrill webhook controller to help with events. Compatible with Laravel 5+ and Lumen 5+.
1,230 36 brexis/laravel-workflow Integerate Symfony Workflow component into Laravel.
1,231 35 spatie/laravel-support-bubble A non-intrusive support chat bubble that can be displayed on any page
1,232 35 santigarcor/laravel-vuetable Vuetable laravel backend package
1,233 35 php-tmdb/laravel Laravel Package for TMDB ( The Movie Database ) API. Provides easy access to the wtfzdotnet/php-tmdb-api library.
1,234 35 peinhu/aetherupload-laravel Upload large files for Laravel 上传 大文件 laravel包
1,235 35 illuminated/console-logger Logging and Notifications for Laravel Console Commands.
1,236 35 guidocella/eloquent-populator Automatically populate Eloquent models
1,237 34 ohmybrew/laravel-shopify Shopify package for Laravel to aide in app development
1,238 34 laravel-validation-rules/ip Validate if an ip address is public or private.
1,239 34 facade/ignition-code-editor A code editor for Ignition
1,240 34 digitalcloud/nova-page-builder-field A Laravel Nova page builder field.
1,241 34 czim/laravel-repository Repository for Laravel (inspired by and indebted to Bosnadev/Repositories)
1,242 34 codesleeve/laravel-stapler Easy file upload management for the Laravel Framework.
1,243 34 ceesvanegmond/minify A package for minifying styles and javascript
1,244 34 baijunyao/laravel-scout-elasticsearch Elasticsearch Driver for Laravel Scout
1,245 33 treblle/treblle-laravel Stay in tune with your APIs
1,246 33 stephenlake/nova-fixed-bars A Laravel Nova package to add a responsive and/or fixed sidebar and navigation bar to the Nova admin UI.
1,247 33 pallares/laravel-nuxt Build a SPA with Laravel and Nuxt
1,248 33 nordsoftware/lumen-elasticsearch Simple wrapper of https://github.com/elastic/elasticsearch-php for the Lumen PHP framework.
1,249 33 muhamadrezaar/highcharts Laravel Highcarts Packages
1,250 33 mpyw/eloquent-has-by-join Convert has() and whereHas() constraints to join() ones for single-result relations.
1,251 33 codesleeve/stapler Elegant and simple ORM-based file upload package for php.
1,252 32 teepluss/restable Laravel RESTful API format
1,253 32 teepluss/console Browser console for Laravel Framework.
1,254 32 stevebauman/eloquenttable An HTML table generator for laravel collections
1,255 32 pingpong/menus Laravel Menus
1,256 32 melihovv/laravel-package-generator A laravel package generator
1,257 32 hexters/coinpayment CoinPayment is a Laravel module for handling transactions from CoinPayment like a create transaction, history transaction, etc.
1,258 32 gufy/cpanel-whm Laravel cPanel/WHM API Package.
1,259 31 vsch/laravel-translation-manager Enhanced Laravel Translation Manager
1,260 31 schulzefelix/laravel-search-console A Laravel package to retrieve data from Google Search Console
1,261 31 philo/artisan-remote An HTTP API to interact with Laravel Artisan commands.
1,262 31 orisintel/laravel-online-migrator Apply Laravel's database migrations with minimal disruptions using tools like Percona Online Schema Change
1,263 31 nickurt/laravel-stopforumspam StopForumSpam for Laravel 6.x/7.x/8.x
1,264 31 frozennode/administrator A database interface package for Laravel
1,265 30 xinax/laravel-gettext Adds localization support to laravel applications in an easy way using Poedit and GNU gettext.
1,266 30 srlabs/centaur An opinionated implementation of Cartalyst's Sentinel for Laravel 5
1,267 30 sixlive/laravel-json-schema-assertions Laravel JSON Schema assertions
1,268 30 samasend/laravel-make-scope Brings make:scope command to laravel
1,269 30 muhdfaiz/laravel-tail-db Provide artisan command to monitor realtime database query executed from the application. Able to automatically run explain command for each of query received.
1,270 30 loic-sharma/profiler A PHP 5.3 profiler based off of Laravel 3's Anbu.
1,271 30 leantony/laravel-grid A grid view for laravel, inspired by the yii2 grid widget
1,272 30 infyomlabs/core-templates Core Bootstrap templates for InfyOm Laravel Generator
1,273 29 renoki-co/cashier-register Cashier Register is a simple quota feature usage tracker for Laravel Cashier subscriptions.
1,274 29 phoenix-lib/nova-nested-tree-attach-many Nova vue-tree-select field for management nested category relations.
1,275 29 lukepolo/laracart A simple cart for Laravel
1,276 29 imanghafoori/laravel-terminator A minimal yet powerful package to give you opportunity to refactor your controllers.
1,277 29 coderello/laraflash Advanced flash messages for Laravel.
1,278 29 chumper/datatable This is a laravel 4 package for the server and client side of datatables at http://datatables.net/
1,279 29 anahkiasen/rocketeer Rocketeer is a fast and simple deployer for the PHP world
1,280 28 spatie/laravel-github-webhooks Handle GitHub webhooks in a Laravel application
1,281 28 renoki-co/laravel-php-k8s Just a simple port of renoki-co/php-k8s for easier access in Laravel.
1,282 28 neomerx/cors-illuminate CORS (Cross-Origin Resource Sharing) support for Laravel and Lumen
1,283 28 kristories/novassport A Laravel Nova tool to manage API Authentication (Passport).
1,284 28 kordy/ticketit A simple helpdesk tickets system for Laravel 5.1 – 5.8 and 6.* which integrates smoothly with Laravel default users and auth system
1,285 28 insenseanalytics/laravel-nova-permission A Laravel Nova tool for Spatie's Permission library.
1,286 28 hootlex/laravel-moderation A simple Content Moderation System for Laravel 5.* that allows you to Approve or Reject resources like posts, comments, users, etc.
1,287 28 erasys/openapi-php Open API 3.0 builder and validation library for PHP that helps you write valid specs.
1,288 28 czim/laravel-filter Filter for Laravel Eloquent queries, with support for modular filter building
1,289 27 ycs77/laravel-wizard A web setup wizard for Laravel application.
1,290 27 tenancy/tenancy Creating multi tenant saas from your Laravel app with ease
1,291 27 gzero/eloquent-tree Eloquent Tree is a tree model for Laravel Eloquent ORM.
1,292 27 alexbowers/nova-prepopulate-searchable A tool to allow BelongsTo searchable fields to be pre-populated with data
1,293 26 toplan/laravel-sms A mobile phone number validation solution based on laravel
1,294 26 rennokki/dynamodb AWS DynamoDB Eloquent ORM for Laravel 6+
1,295 26 marcreichel/igdb-laravel A Laravel Wrapper for the IGDB API v3
1,296 26 kyslik/laravel-filterable Using URL query strings to filter Eloquent queries.
1,297 26 kbwebs/multiauth MultiAuth for Laravel 5.1
1,298 25 znck/belongs-to-through Adds belongsToThrough relation to laravel models
1,299 25 stevenyangecho/laravel-u-editor UEditor for laravel5. Support i18n. UEditor is a Rich Text Web Editor From Baidu.
1,300 25 mydnic/laravel-kustomer Open Source Feedback Interface for Laravel
1,301 25 laravel-ja/comja5 Translate comments in laravel/laravel 5.* project to Japanese
1,302 25 elevate-digital/nova-charcounted-fields Text and textarea fields with a character counter.
1,303 25 chrisbjr/api-guard A simple way of authenticating your APIs with API keys using Laravel
1,304 24 robbiep/cloudconvert-laravel A Laravel wrapper for the CloudConvert API
1,305 24 poing/earmark Laravel package to generate values in a unique and customizable series.
1,306 24 petecoop/laravel-inky Foundation Inky email templates in Laravel
1,307 24 ollieread/multiauth Multiple auth driver for Laravel
1,308 24 jenssegers/raven Sentry (Raven) error monitoring integration for Laravel projects
1,309 24 jameslkingsley/nova-media-library Laravel Nova tools for managing the Spatie media library.
1,310 23 yaro/log-envelope Laravel 5 email on error
1,311 23 ubient/laravel-pwned-passwords A Laravel validation rule to determine whether a given password is pwned (insecure)
1,312 23 sven/flex-env Edit your .env file in Laravel directly from the command line.
1,313 23 philkra/elastic-apm-laravel A package to integrate Elastic APM into Laravel
1,314 23 pacuna/schemas Laravel package for managing postgresql schemas
1,315 23 illuminatech/config Provides support for Laravel application runtime configuration managed in persistent storage
1,316 23 foxxmd/laravel-elasticbeanstalk-queue-worker Deploy your Laravel application as a queue worker on AWS ElasticBeanstalk
1,317 22 swisnl/json-api-server Set up a JSON API in Laravel in just a few minutes.
1,318 22 stevenmaguire/laravel-middleware-csp Provides support for enforcing Content Security Policy with headers in Laravel responses.
1,319 22 netojose/laravel-api-explorer API explorer for laravel application
1,320 22 davispeixoto/laravel5-salesforce Laravel 5 Salesforce Force.com PHP Toolkit port
1,321 22 cyvelnet/laravel5-fractal A simple fractal service provider and transformer generator with model attributes for laravel >=5.
1,322 22 cybercog/laravel-whoops-editor Laravel Whoops Editor helps to open your code editor from exception stack trace.
1,323 22 beatswitch/lock-laravel A Laravel Driver for Lock.
1,324 21 vinelab/tracing-laravel Distributed tracing for Laravel made easy
1,325 21 teepluss/api Laravel 4 Internal Request (HMVC)
1,326 21 silvanite/nova-field-cloudinary A Laravel Nova Image Field with Flysystem Adapter for storing and retrieving media from Cloudinary
1,327 21 sebastiaanluca/laravel-auto-morph-map Automatically alias and map the polymorphic types of Eloquent models.
1,328 21 rtippin/messenger Laravel messenger suite.
1,329 21 pricecurrent/laravel-eloquent-filters Advanced Laravel models filtering capabilities
1,330 21 pixelpeter/laravel5-genderize-api-client Laravel 5 client for the genderize.io API
1,331 21 orisintel/laravel-process-stamps Logs which process created or modified a record
1,332 21 orisintel/laravel-model-auditlog Tracks changes made to models and logs them to individual tables.
1,333 21 orisintel/laravel-migration-snapshot Dump and load snapshots of the schema produced by individual migrations.
1,334 21 madewithlove/laravel-oauth2 Authorize users in your application with multiple OAuth 2.0 providers.
1,335 21 lifeonscreen/nova-google2fa This package provides Google2FA to Laravel Nova.
1,336 21 huangdijia/laravel-horizon-restart horizon-restart for laravel
1,337 21 heroicpixels/filterable Laravel package for dynamically filtering Eloquent results using URL query string.
1,338 20 themsaid/laravel-model-transformers Easy transformation layer for complex model attributes.
1,339 20 summerblue/administrator A database interface package for Laravel, modified!
1,340 20 roumen/asset Assets manager for Laravel.
1,341 20 revolution/laravel-amazon-product-api Amazon Product Advertising API for Laravel
1,342 20 pragmarx/laravelcs PHP_CodeSniffer custom Sniff for Laravel coding standard
1,343 20 orchestra/memory Memory Component for Orchestra Platform
1,344 20 marcelgwerder/laravel-api-handler Package providing helper functions for a Laravel REST-API
1,345 20 linkthrow/ffmpeg A laravel audio and video conversion, thumbnail generator and metadata editor package powered by ffmpeg
1,346 20 farhanwazir/laravelgooglemaps Laravel Google Map package for 5.x. You can use all google map features in laravel.
1,347 20 davidpiesse/nova-maintenance-mode Enable and disable Maintenance Mode from within Laravel Nova
1,348 19 yajra/laravel-acl Laravel ACL is a simple role, permission ACL for Laravel Framework.
1,349 19 vinkla/vimeo A Vimeo bridge for Laravel
1,350 19 vinkla/translator An easy-to-use Eloquent translator for Laravel
1,351 19 scottybo/laravel-facebook-sdk Fully unit tested Facebook SDK v5 integration for Laravel 7.x
1,352 19 mpociot/laravel-firebase-sync Synchronize your Eloquent models with a Firebase realtime database.
1,353 19 mookofe/tail RabbitMQ and PHP client for Laravel and Lumen that allows you to add and listen queues messages just simple
1,354 19 jansenfelipe/cnpj-gratis Com esse pacote você poderá consultar, gratuitamente, CNPJs diretamente no site da receita.
1,355 19 inani/laravel-nova-configuration A Laravel Nova tool.
1,356 18 unisharp/laravel-fileapi Laravel File API - Handle Files with Laravel Storage
1,357 18 recca0120/repository Repository for Laravel 5
1,358 18 obiefy/api-response Simple Laravel package to return Json responses.
1,359 18 marabesi/laration Easy package to list all variables in a Laravel application
1,360 18 larabook/gateway A Laravel package for connecting to all Iraninan payment gateways
1,361 18 bpocallaghan/generators Custom Laravel File Generators with config and publishable stubs.
1,362 17 yasmuru/ys-tinify-laravel Tinify API support with laravel
1,363 17 scottlaurent/accounting Laravel Accounting Journals for Eloquent Models
1,364 17 php-console/laravel-service-provider Laravel service provider to handle PHP errors, dump variables, execute PHP code remotely in Google Chrome
1,365 17 hamburgscleanest/guzzle-advanced-throttle A Guzzle middleware that can throttle requests according to (multiple) defined rules. It is also possible to define a caching strategy, e.g. get response from cache when rate limit is exceeded or always get cached value to spare your rate limits.
1,366 16 ultraware/roles Powerful package for handling roles and permissions in Laravel 5.
1,367 16 summerblue/generator Extend Laravel's generators scaffold.
1,368 16 orchestra/html HTML Component for Orchestra Platform
1,369 16 maxhoffmann/parsedown-laravel A parsedown (markdown) wrapper for Laravel
1,370 16 laracasts/integrated Simple, intuitive integration testing with PHPUnit.
1,371 16 algolia/algoliasearch-laravel Laravel Algolia extension
1,372 15 vespakoen/menu Managing menus the easy way.
1,373 15 tintnaingwin/email-checker Laravel Package To Validate If An Email Address Exists Without Sending An Email
1,374 15 renoki-co/jetstream-cashier-billing-portal Cashierstream is a simple Spark alternative written for Laravel Jetstream.
1,375 15 martinbean/laravel-sluggable-trait A trait you can apply to Eloquent models to have slugs automatically generated on save.
1,376 15 fab2s/yaetl Widely Extended Nodal Extract-Transform-Load ETL Workflow AKA NEJQTL or Nodal-Extract-Join-Qualify-Tranform-Load
1,377 15 edvinaskrucas/settings Persistent settings package for Laravel framework.
1,378 15 delatbabel/elocryptfive Automatically encrypt and decrypt Eloquent attributes with ease.
1,379 15 ctf0/media-manager A Media Manager Built With Vuejs & Laravel
1,380 15 bican/roles Powerful package for handling roles and permissions in Laravel 5.
1,381 14 wensleydale/keen-io-laravel A minimal service provider to set up and use the Keen.io PHP library in Laravel 5
1,382 14 spatie/laravel-site-search A site search engine
1,383 14 rydurham/sentinel An implementation of the Sentry User Manager for Laravel.
1,384 14 orchestra/foundation Orchestra Platform Foundation
1,385 14 orchestra/auth Auth Component for Orchestra Platform
1,386 14 nutsweb/laravel-prerender Laravel middleware for prerendering javascript-rendered pages on the fly for SEO
1,387 14 liebig/cron Job scheduling for Laravel
1,388 14 latrell/alipay 支付宝SDK在Laravel5封装包。
1,389 14 laracasts/matryoshka Russian Doll Caching for Laravel.
1,390 14 dyrynda/laravel-make-user An Artisan console command to create users in your Laravel application.
1,391 13 tobiasdierich/gauge An easy to use application performance monitor.
1,392 13 shipu/themevel Theme and asset management for laravel 5
1,393 13 pixelpeter/laravel5-isocodes-validation Laravel 5 wrapper for the IsoCodes Validation library from ronanguilloux
1,394 13 nwidart/db-exporter Export your database quickly and easily as a Laravel Migration and all the data as a Seeder class.
1,395 13 laravelrus/localized-carbon A localizable version of Carbon
1,396 13 laravel-frontend-presets/black-dashboard Laravel 5.x Front-end preset for black dashboard
1,397 13 alexbowers/nova-multiple-dashboard Support for multiple custom dashboards in Laravel Nova
1,398 12 vtalbot/markdown Markdown compiler for Laravel 5
1,399 12 thujohn/pdf dompdf for Laravel 4
1,400 12 rephlux/pagetitle Manage page title in Laravel views
1,401 12 jivesh/laravel-slack A minimalist laravel integration for Slack
1,402 12 imanghafoori/laravel-heyman A package to help you write expressive defensive code in a functional manner
1,403 12 fitztrev/laravel-html-minify Minifies the HTML output of Laravel 4 applications
1,404 12 facuz/laravel-themes Theme will help you organize your themes inside Laravel projects easily and maintain its related assets, layouts and partials for the theme in single directory. (Based on teepluss/theme)
1,405 12 esensi/model The base model traits of Esensi
1,406 11 webparking/laravel-queue-ensurer This composer package provides a Laravel queue ensurer.
1,407 11 smodav/mpesa M-Pesa API implementation
1,408 11 sarfraznawaz2005/visitlog Laravel package to log visitor information into database.
1,409 11 rinvex/laravel-statistics Rinvex Statistics is a lightweight, yet detailed package for tracking and recording user visits across your Laravel application. With only one simple query per request, important data is being stored, and later a cronjob crush numbers to extract meaningful stories from within the haystack.
1,410 11 pvtl/voyager-frontend The Missing Front-end for The Missing Laravel Admin.
1,411 11 mvdnbrk/laravel-model-expires A package to assign expiration dates to Eloquent models
1,412 11 mathiasgrimm/laravel-log-keeper Laravel Log Keeper helps rotating you logs while storing them anywhere you want with custom local/remote retention policies
1,413 11 lexxyungcarter/chatmessenger Simple one-to-one/group chat messaging tool for Laravel 5 & 6 & 7 with Pusher Integration
1,414 11 coderello/laravel-populated-factory An easy way to generate populated factories.
1,415 11 caffeinated/themes Laravel Themes
1,416 10 user11001/eloquent-model-generator Auto-generates all Eloquent models from the database in a Laravel 5 project.
1,417 10 unicodeveloper/laravel-emoji A Laravel 5 Package for Using & Working With Emojis
1,418 10 themsaid/laravel-routes-publisher A command to replace deprecated Route::controller with explicit routes.
1,419 10 roomies/nexmo-voice-channel Send Laravel notifications through a phone call
1,420 10 lecturize/laravel-addresses Simple address and contact management for Laravel.
1,421 10 benconstable/laravel-localize-middleware Configurable localization middleware for your Laravel >=5.1 application
1,422 9 riari/laravel-forum A Laravel 6/7/8 package providing a solid foundation for building discussion forums
1,423 9 pyaesone17/active-state Active State Checker For Laravel Url
1,424 9 proai/eloquent-versioning An extension for the Eloquent ORM to support versioning.
1,425 9 michele-angioni/laravel-js-lang-converter Laravel Localization in JavaScript
1,426 9 laravel-frontend-presets/now-ui-dashboard Laravel 5.x Front-end preset for now ui dashboard
1,427 9 jacobbennett/pjax PJAX for Laravel 5
1,428 9 gdebrauwer/laravel-hateoas Expose the authorization logic of your REST API using HATEOAS links on your Laravel API resources
1,429 9 elcobvg/laravel-opcache Custom OPcache Cache Driver for Laravel. Faster than Redis or memcached.
1,430 8 xavrsl/cas Add CAS server SSO authentication to Laravel 4 and 5
1,431 8 treestoneit/shopping-cart An easy-to-use shopping cart for Laravel
1,432 8 tiagomichaelsousa/laravelresources Laravel Resources is a speed-up development package that allows you to create a boilerplate for Laravel apps with a default API structure.
1,433 8 prettus/laravel-request-logger HTTP request logger middleware for Laravel
1,434 8 petehouston/laravel-tinymce-simple-imageupload Simple image upload for TinyMCE in Laravel.
1,435 8 orzcc/taobao-top-client Taobao top client(SDK) for laravel
1,436 8 neurony/laravel-revisions Create multiple revisions of any Eloquent model record along with its underlying relationships
1,437 8 leroy-merlin-br/mongolid Easy, powerful and ultrafast ODM for PHP and MongoDB.
1,438 8 laralib/l5scaffold Extend Laravel 5's generators scaffold.
1,439 8 jellybool/flysystem-upyun Flysystem and Laravel adapter for the Upyun storage.
1,440 8 hugofirth/mailchimp Wrapper on the Mailchimp class provided by Mailchimp - with support for Laravel 4. v2.0.0 supports Mailchimp API verion 2.0
1,441 8 consoletvs/identify A Laravel 5 Package Provider to Identify/detect a user's browser, device, operating system and Language
1,442 8 caouecs/laravel4-lang Languages for Laravel
1,443 8 artistas/laravel-pagseguro PagSeguro Checkout Transparente e Pagamento Recorrente(Assinaturas) no Laravel 5.*
1,444 7 yangyifan/upload 上传 SDK for Laravel
1,445 7 weprovide/valet-plus Blazing fast macOS PHP development environment
1,446 7 webdevetc/blogetc Simple blog (with admin panel) for Laravel from https://webdevetc.com/
1,447 7 spotonlive/laravel-google-ads Google Ads API for Laravel
1,448 7 spatie/searchindex Store and retrieve objects from Elasticsearch or Algolia
1,449 7 skyronic/laravel-file-generator Laravel package to help you automate creation of files. Build your own custom generators like 'artisan make:model'.
1,450 7 shopper/framework An eCommerce administration built with Laravel for create and manage online shop.
1,451 7 robersonfaria/laravel-database-schedule Manage your Laravel Task Scheduling in a friendly interface and save schedules to the database.
1,452 7 orkhanahmadov/laravel-zip-validator Laravel ZIP file content validator
1,453 7 lucid-arch/laravel-console The Command Line Interface for the Lucid Architecture
1,454 7 livewire-ui/spotlight Livewire component that provides Spotlight/Alfred-like functionality to your Laravel application.
1,455 7 kingstarter/laravel-saml SAML support to make a laravel application to both a SAML IDP and a SAML SP.
1,456 7 greabock/tentacles Da epic tentacles for Eloquent
1,457 7 avto-dev/roadrunner-laravel RoadRunner bridge for Laravel applications
1,458 6 yaap/theme Theme support for Laravel 4/5/6 with assets, theme extends etc.
1,459 6 writingink/wink Wink Publishing Framework.
1,460 6 websight/l5-google-cloud-storage Laravel 5 Flysystem Google Cloud Storage Service Provider
1,461 6 simplesoftwareio/simple-sms Simple-SMS is a package made for Laravel to send/receive (polling/pushing) text messages. Currently supports CalLFire, EZTexting, Email Gateways, FlowRoute, LabsMobile, Mozeo, Nexmo, Plivo, Twilio, and Zenvia
1,462 6 rennokki/rating Laravel Eloquent Rating allows you to assign ratings to any model.
1,463 6 neurony/laravel-query-cache Cache all {select} queries or only the duplicate ones for a specific Eloquent model
1,464 6 lsrur/inspector Laravel Inspector, debugging and profiling tools for Web Artisans
1,465 6 kim/activity Easily retrieve a list of users and guests that are online.
1,466 6 dwij/laraadmin LaraAdmin is a Open source Laravel Admin Panel / CMS which can be used as Admin Backend, Data Management Tool or CRM boilerplate for Laravel with features like CRUD Generation, Module Manager, Media, Menus, Backups and much more
1,467 6 cache/illuminate-adapter A PSR-6 cache implementation using Illuminate. This implementation supports tags
1,468 6 barryvdh/laravel-migration-generator Generate migrations based on existing database
1,469 5 thujohn/rss RSS builder for Laravel 4
1,470 5 sbamtr/laravel-source-encrypter Laravel Source Encrypter
1,471 5 philo/laravel-twitter A simple Laravel 4 service provider for including the TwitterOAuth library.
1,472 5 ozankurt/repoist Laravel ^5.6 repository generator.
1,473 5 nahid/talk Talk is a Laravel based realtime messaging, chatting and conversation system. It helps to develop users messaging, chatting and conversations in easy way.
1,474 5 mpociot/botman Create messaging bots in PHP with ease.
1,475 5 leroy-merlin-br/mongolid-laravel Easy, powerful and ultrafast MongoDB ODM for Laravel.
1,476 5 genealabs/nova-gutenberg Implementation of the Gutenberg editor as a Laravel Nova Field based on Laraberg.
1,477 5 cnvs/canvas A Laravel publishing platform
1,478 5 barryvdh/laravel-vendor-cleanup A vendor cleanup package, to remove tests and documentation to save space
1,479 4 yajra/laravel-disqus A simple Disqus platform integration with Laravel.
1,480 4 stefanbauer/ignition-laracasts-tab A tab to retrieve laracasts.com answers
1,481 4 sebastiaanluca/laravel-router An organized approach to handling Laravel routes.
1,482 4 sarfraznawaz2005/servermonitor Laravel package to periodically monitor the health of your server and website.
1,483 4 overtrue/laravel-shopping-cart Shopping cart for Laravel Application.
1,484 4 noh4ck/graphiql Graphiql UI for laravel
1,485 4 madewithlove/tactician-laravel Integrate tactician with Laravel 5
1,486 4 machuga/authority-l4 A simple and flexible authorization system for PHP
1,487 4 insenseanalytics/nova-server-monitor A Laravel Nova tool for Spatie's Server Monitor library.
1,488 4 helmesvs/laravel-notify Elegant notifications to laravel with Toastr or PNotify
1,489 4 frenzy/turbolinks Frenzy Turbolinks makes following links in your web application faster with Laravel 5
1,490 4 fireguard/report Report management package in PHP that aims to help you export information in a variety of formats
1,491 4 elfsundae/laravel-bearychat Laravel integration for BearyChat.
1,492 4 elfsundae/bearychat An elegant way of interacting with BearyChat webhooks.
1,493 4 asvae/laravel-api-tester Api tester for Laravel Framework
1,494 4 akaunting/version Version management package for Laravel.
1,495 3 vinkla/alert A Bootstrap alert helper for Laravel
1,496 3 sofa/model-locking Pseudo pessimistic model locking with broadcasted events for Laravel Eloquent ORM.
1,497 3 schedula/laravel-passport-socialite The missing laravel passport feature for social authentication
1,498 3 sarfraznawaz2005/meter laravel package to find performance bottlenecks in your laravel application.
1,499 3 sahusoftcom/eloquent-image-mutator One solution for image uploads.
1,500 3 rinvex/laravel-repositories Rinvex Repository is a simple, intuitive, and smart implementation of Active Repository with extremely flexible & granular caching system for Laravel, used to abstract the data layer, making applications more flexible to maintain.
1,501 3 pvtl/voyager-page-blocks Ahoy! - A package to implement page blocks into Voyager
1,502 3 php-http/laravel-httplug Laravel package to integrate the Httplug generic HTTP client into Laravel
1,503 3 phoenix/eloquent-meta Attach meta data to Eloquent models
1,504 3 moloquent/moloquent A MongoDB based Eloquent model and Query builder for Laravel (Moloquent)
1,505 3 miaababikir/laravel-tailwind-dashboard-preset Laravel tailwind css dashboard preset
1,506 3 matriphe/imageupload Upload image using Laravel's build in function and resize it automatically.
1,507 3 lookitsatravis/listify Turn any Eloquent model into a list! http://lookitsatravis.github.io/listify
1,508 3 liliom/laravel-firebase Laravel FCM (Firebase Cloud Messaging) Notification Channel
1,509 3 inani/larapoll A Laravel package to create polls
1,510 3 efficiently/authority-controller AuthorityController is an PHP authorization library for Laravel 5 which restricts what resources a given user is allowed to access.
1,511 3 digitaldream/laracrud Do you have a well structed database and you want to make a Laravel Application on top of it. By using this tools you can generate Models which have necessary methods and property, Request class with rules, generate route from controllers method and its parameter and full features form with validation error message and more with a single line of command
1,512 2 wordplate/wordplate A WordPress stack with sprinkles on top
1,513 2 toolkito/larasap Laravel social auto posting (Larasap) lets you automatically post all your content to social networks such as Telegram Channel and Twitter.
1,514 2 tonysm/rich-text-laravel Integrates Trix content with Laravel
1,515 2 stolz/laravel-schema-spy Laravel artisan command that uses JAVA schemaSpy tool to generate a graphical representation of a database schema
1,516 2 spatie/laravel-authorize A middleware to check authorization
1,517 2 sebastiaanluca/laravel-helpers An extensive set of Laravel framework helper functions and collection macros.
1,518 2 ptrofimov/clockwork-cli Command-line interface for Clockwork, the tool for debugging and profiling PHP applications
1,519 2 nqxcode/laravel-lucene-search Laravel 5.5 package for full-text search over Eloquent models based on ZendSearch Lucene.
1,520 2 nakukryskin/orchid-repeater-field Adding support of repeater field to the Orchid RAD platform
1,521 2 moell/mojito Mojito admin is a component of laravel, vue, element build backend system.
1,522 2 mmanos/laravel-search A search package for Laravel 5.
1,523 2 imanghafoori/laravel-anypass A minimal yet powerful package to help you in development.
1,524 2 gregoriohc/laravel-trello A Laravel wrapper and facade package for the Trello API
1,525 2 fitztrev/query-tracer Backtrace database queries
1,526 2 crcms/elasticsearch Use SQL statements to query elasticsearch
1,527 2 antoineaugusti/laravel-sentiment-analysis A Laravel wrapper that performs sentiment analysis over an English sentence
1,528 1 weboap/visitor log your visitors in db, page hits, and generate visit counter for Laravel 5
1,529 1 vanry/laravel-scout-tntsearch 包含中文分词的 Laravel Scout TNTSearch 驱动,支持 scws, phpanalysis 和 jieba 分词。
1,530 1 tzookb/tbmsg users messaging system
1,531 1 themsaid/laravel-multilingual Easy multilingual laravel models
1,532 1 talvbansal/media-manager A media browser and uploader for laravel apps written in vue js and bootstrap
1,533 1 sleeping-owl/admin Aministrative interface builder for Laravel.
1,534 1 rinvex/laravel-bookings Rinvex Bookings is a generic resource booking system for Laravel, with the required tools to run your SAAS like services efficiently. It has a simple architecture, with powerful underlying to afford solid platform for your business.
1,535 1 picoprime/barcodegen Generates barcodes images as PNG or DATA-URL
1,536 1 olssonm/laravel-backup-shield Protection for your laravel backups
1,537 1 nilportugues/laravel5-json-api Laravel 5 JSON API Transformer Package
1,538 1 morozovsk/websocket simple php websocket server with examples and demo: simple chat (single daemon) - http://sharoid.ru/chat.html , pro chat (master + worker) - http://sharoid.ru/chat2.html , simple game - http://sharoid.ru/game.html
1,539 1 lynx39/lara-pdf-merger -
1,540 1 laravelista/loki Laravel localization done right.
1,541 1 laravel-frontend-presets/inertiajs A Laravel frontend preset to get you up and running with Inertia.js
1,542 1 laravel-frontend-presets/bulma Bulma Frontend Preset For Laravel Framework 6.0 and Up
1,543 1 kamerk22/amazongiftcode Laravel Package for Amazon Gift Codes.
1,544 1 jlcd/api-cielo30-laravel Laravel Provider for Cielo's 3.0 API
1,545 1 huang-yi/shadowfax Run Laravel on Swoole.
1,546 1 darsain/laravel-console Browser console for Laravel Framework.
1,547 1 christophrumpel/nova-notifications A Laravel Nova tool for handling Laravel Notifications.
1,548 1 alphametric/laravel-validation-rules A package to provide a set of reusable Laravel validation rules.
1,549 0 zizaco/factory-muff The goal of this package is to enable the rapid creation of objects for the purpose of testing.
1,550 0 yhanndaniel/laravel-nestable Laravel 6 nested categories library
1,551 0 vinelab/neoeloquent Laravel wrapper for the Neo4j graph database REST interface
1,552 0 unicodeveloper/laravel-identify A Laravel 5 Package Provider to Identify/detect a user's browser, device, operating system and Language
1,553 0 uasoft-indonesia/badaso The First Open-Source Laravel Vue headless CMS (PWA dashboard + CRUD + API generator & more) for more productivity !
1,554 0 tillkruss/laravel-phpredis A Redis driver for Laravel and Lumen that works with PhpRedis, the PECL Redis Extension.
1,555 0 tightenco/lambo Super-powered 'laravel new' with Laravel and Valet.
1,556 0 themsaid/laravel-langman-gui Manage language files with ease.
1,557 0 teepluss/hmvc Laravel HMVC.
1,558 0 taisph/laravel-opentracing -
1,559 0 stevebauman/inventory Inventory management using Laravel 4 / 5
1,560 0 spurwork/spectator Testing helpers for your OpenAPI spec
1,561 0 sprocketbox/laravel-jwt A seamless JWT implementation for Laravel
1,562 0 smallruraldog/laravel-vue-admin 开箱即用的Laravel后台扩展
1,563 0 serverfireteam/panel Admin panel for Laravel applications
1,564 0 sebastiaanluca/laravel-conditional-providers Load Laravel service providers based on the current environment.
1,565 0 scrnhq/laravel-bakery An on-the-fly GraphQL Schema generator from Eloquent models for Laravel.
1,566 0 rtconner/laravel-kint Seamless integration between Laravel and Kint.
1,567 0 pingpong/widget Simple Widget System for Laravel Framework
1,568 0 pingpong/admin Laravel Admin Package
1,569 0 php-notify/notify PHP notify library to display flash notification
1,570 0 php-junior/laravel-video-chat Laravel Video Chat using Socket.IO and WebRTC
1,571 0 nwidart/laravel-broadway A Laravel adapter for the Broadway ES/CQRS package.
1,572 0 neurony/laravel-redirects Nested URLs redirect logic for Laravel
1,573 0 mpociot/slackbot Create messaging bots in PHP with ease.
1,574 0 mpociot/captainhook Add webhooks to your Laravel app.
1,575 0 mitulgolakiya/laravel-api-generator Laravel API/Scaffold/CRUD Generator from just one command with including Controller, Repository, Model, Migrations, routes.php update.
1,576 0 mariuzzo/laravel-translator Laravel command that interactively helps you translate missing keys.
1,577 0 keevitaja/linguist Easy localization for the Laravel framework
1,578 0 jerodev/laravel-font-awesome A Laravel package that renders Font Awesome icons server-side
1,579 0 imanghafoori/eloquent-relativity A way to truely decouple eloquent models.
1,580 0 hamburgscleanest/laravel-guzzle-throttle A Laravel wrapper for https://github.com/hamburgscleanest/guzzle-advanced-throttle.
1,581 0 goszowski/laravel-vendor-minify A vendor minify package, to remove tests and documentation and minifing all php files to save space
1,582 0 gloudemans/calendar Laravel 4 Calendar, port of the CodeIgniter Calender Library
1,583 0 gerardojbaez/laraplans SaaS style recurring plans for Laravel.
1,584 0 geniusts/roles Powerful package for handling roles and permissions in Laravel 6
1,585 0 fadion/maneuver Easily deploy Laravel projects via FTP or SFTP, using Git for versioning.
1,586 0 driesvints/blade-icons A package to easily make use of icons in your Laravel Blade views.
1,587 0 digitalcloud/nova-custom-views A Laravel Nova custom views.
1,588 0 davestewart/sketchpad An innovative front-end environment for interactive Laravel development
1,589 0 comocode/laravel-ab Blade level AB tests for Laravel 5
1,590 0 beyondcode/nova-laravel-update-card A Laravel Nova card that shows you if you're running the latest Version of Laravel.
1,591 0 awes-io/table-builder A component that allows creating responsive HTML tables or lists from data object
1,592 0 awes-io/navigator 🧿 Build navigation or menu for Laravel and Awes.io. Unlimit complexity and depth of the menu.
1,593 0 awes-io/localization-helper Package for convenient work with Laravel's localization features
1,594 0 awes-io/installer AwesIO application installer.
1,595 0 awes-io/indigo-layout Basic styles and components set for building user interfaces.
1,596 0 awes-io/form-builder A component that allows creating forms with two-way binding from data object with default HTML fields and custom, like multi-block or AJAX-select.
1,597 0 awes-io/auth Laravel Authentication package with built-in two-factor (Authy) and social authentication (Socialite).
1,598 0 askedio/laravel-ratchet A Ratchet Server built for Laravel
1,599 0 artisanry/commentable Commentable Polymorphic Eloquent Models for for Laravel 5